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Friday, February 15, 2008

What a week!

This week around our house hold has been really crazy. Sunday Morning, right after church, we recieved a phone call to tell us that Paul grandfather had passed away early Sunday Morning. We were kinda expecting him to go because he had several health problems but it was hard none the less. Wednesday was his Rememberance Day. He was cremated and didnt want a funeral, so we had a rememberance day to remeber all the great things he did in life. He was a very hardworking loving man that will be missed by all of us.

Then last night Jason didnt sleep well at all, he was running a fever and rubbing his ears. I thought well, I will call his doctor in the morning and see if I can get him in because the emergency room in our town takes forever. So this morning, I called and they couldnt get him in today and I never could get ahold of his nurse, she was busy. Well, right about when I was fixing to call his ENT doctor, I got a phone call from Paul saying that his mom had been taken to the hospital by amulance because she was unresponsive. So Jack and I loaded up the kids...(really quick) and went about five minutes to the hospital. So far, all they know is that her sodium was really really low. Normal is like 137.... Hers was 116. They said they have never seen anyone with that low of sodium before. When it hits double digits, you are usually dead. But the low sodium, caused cerebal edema (swelling of the brain) which in turn caused a series of mini strokes. When we left the hospital tonight, she was starting to answer our questions and tell us what she needed. So she is doing some better but she still has an infection somewhere that they cant figure out because her white blood cell count was way up...

Please keep our family in your prayers as you can tell we need them right now. I just realized last week how old my parents are getting and really noticed what bad shape my father is in and knew that my mother in law (like my mom) is in bad shape but to see her tonight....well you know its not easy. I always heard horror stories about mother in laws and from watching my family's experiences with them I wasnt expecting good results out of my inlaws. But I was very very wrong. You couldnt ask for better people. She has seen me through so much over the last 5 years. Shes been my rock at times and sometimes she has just told me how the "cow eats the cabbage" (for you non southerners, that is how it is). I have had the privalege of having three moms in my lifetime (mine, Wilma (my moms best friend that died of cancer) and my darling mother in law) and all three of them have been super. We just lost Wilma three years ago, I am not ready to give up another one yet. Not Yet!

On a happier note though.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE! I am so sorry that I couldnt be there for your party. I miss you and love you though. Hope to see you soon!

Please pray and keep us in your thoughts.

Love and Prayers


javamamma said...

You have had quite the week. I'm praying for you and your family.

According to HIS Power said...

Claire says "tane shue" thank you, for the birthday wishes! :o) She is SO cute in her new boots! (Hot pink, no less) We are praying for ya'll. I left a note on my blog. Talk to you more later. Love you, Sis