I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Very Very tired

I know it has been a while since i blogged last but I have really good excuses. I have been really busy trying to get the house that we found and it seems to be going okay now but will have to see. I have also been trying to stay rested up because with the kids going from house to house it gets tiresome not having naps and a regular bedtime. Kylie fell at deer camp and has a grain of salt fracture in her collar bone. It is not bad but if she falls on it or jumps around too much and jars it just right it could go ahead and break. She is in a clavical brace which makes it really hard to do anything. but she seems to do better with it on. She doesnt seem to hurt as bad. I will go for now and will update as i get time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Catching up

I had to start this new blog because my account information dissapeared for somereason and i could not get in on my other one to post new blogs. anyway. i have been busy lately trying to find a house and now that we have found one we really like the finance company is telling us that we have to have our 05 taxes done which yes i know we should have already had them done but it has just been such a busy time . anyway my sister was in the hospital with gallbladder problems and her pancreas got infected. She also found out she is pregnant with her second child but is not far enough along for them to do surgery on the gallbladder without doing damage to the baby. so she has to wait for a few more weeks.

We found out yesterday the the doctor is 99% sure that our new baby is going to be a boy. Yippee. What am I going to do with a boy? All I know is pink and more pink. and fixing ponytails and picking out pretty outfits. Oh well It will be fun i guess. I go back in four weeks and he will make sure.

I am going to ask that all pray for my sister that she have a good healthy pregnancy after her surgery and that everything goes well. She needs all the prayers.

Pray for me that i dont lose my faith while dealing with buying a house. I have too many other things going on right now too.