I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One more thing....

My son is crazy.....

I have narrowed down my cd collection to almost all gospel (there are a few George Strait cds ) . We listen to these almost all day. When he gets fussy, he likes to listen to any of the above. I am not kidding.. Put anything else on and he just keeps on fussing. In the vehicle, when he gets fussy, I start singing Church songs and he shuts up... needless to say my throat hurts alot, the kids almost know Jesus Loves Me by heart and the radio seldom comes on..

There is one George Strait song that I love...It is #6 on his cd Always Never The Same..(i think). it talks about taking our love and settling down ....It fits paul and i so well.....I just love it and have almost worn my cd out listening toit..

If you get a chance, listen to i. It is so good...


I confess, I am not very organized.......I tried...I have the Home Management Binder, I have schedules, I have recipe books, I have folders, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc.....THEY ARE NOT ORGANIZED.........

How do I get organized....If I got a tote or a box for everything that needs a place , I would have more totes than room to put them. I dont know......My living room is pretty organized...minus threee weeks worth of laundry needing put up....I know but it has been a hectic month....

My kitchen could use some help....I mean I know where everything is,,,it just doesnt make sense to my husband...and I could probably save some time if It were more neat.

My laundry room....Is okay (it is too small to be disorganized....

The girls room....(HELP)
My Room (Okay)

My Bathroom (HELP)


The office (Help) (hubbys area of expertise....)

Anyway, the 3 1/2 in thick binder that I have stuffed in a corner somewhere is of no help at all to me right now....I really dont know if it ever will be.....I mean doesnt it take more time to make the thing and to look at it and see what you are supposed to be doing than to just do something.....

I know blogging takes time too....But right now the kids are sleeping (Kylie went to Grannys for two nights) and I am relaxing....(quiet time. )

I guess I will go fold laundry now though....since it really needs done and this is one thing that irritates my hubby.......

Love and Prayers...

Pray for me to gain some organization skills....

Yes Julie, I have looked atOrganized Junkie.....my computer freezes everytime I go to her blog....what is up with that...


I am answering Julies question on her blog about how people homeschool their toddlers preschoolers.....

With Kylie, I always was talking to her and all through stores, we would name the color and shape and sing the alphabet song and count and name fruits and vegetables and all sorts of things.

I kinda got out of the practice of it when we were buying out house and now she hardly remembers any of it and she is almost 4... She can still name most colors and shapes but her ABC's and counting are out the window. And she doesnt want to learn them back, she just wants to read. So I am going to try a different approach of trying to teach her to read first and then maybe she will learn her ABC's in order... who knows.

Alaina, is doing okay. She doesnt get worked with as much as Kylie did and so she doesnt know as much. She is also a little more immature than Kylie was too. I am working on her AbC's and counting. She loves to sing the song. and her colors. she knows green most of the time and sometimes red. She can tell you that Elmo is red.

I used Sesame Street alot with Kylie and am fixing to start using it with Alaina. SesameStreet.com (I think) I also used alot of board books with Kylie... I used refrigerator magnets (which are lost does anyone know where to get more. Wal Mart does not carry them anymore.) I used food. (manipulatives) Blocks as we stacked them. The shape sorter that you can get at Wal Mart or Target (its better) I also used everday things like getting dressed, fixing their hair (ponytail holders are circles.) Brushing teeth, square, how many times do you brush one side and then the other. Kylie also helped me cook alot, Alaina is going to start next week.

I really dont know what else to do with them. They love the projects on Creation Kids. We dont really stay on track because we arent organized enough. I need to start though.

Something else we do is Color sheets. We print out the letter color sheets off of the internet, there are several websites that have these. They color them and we put them up through out the house. Then whenever we are around them, I will ask them what letter that is. Sometimes I will give Alaina a specific color and she colors with it. And she can sometimes tell me what color it is the next time.

I would like to get an ABC chart and a number chart put up on my wall. If I get more organized then maybe I can. I have read about a chart that you put up that has the numbers 1-100 on it and everyday, the child writes the next number and counts from 1 to that number and by the end, the child can count from 1-100. Would like to try this too. We will see....

And yes Julie, I get lots of Criticism on homeschooling, especially from teachers (not you Chris or Tammy) but I dont let it bother me. I know that if I can spend more than three minutes a day with my child, then I am doing better than the school system. Usually, if I dont feel like arguing, I just tell them that I would rather homeschool and thats that.

I am not putting down the teachers out there. I went to college to be a teacher. I know what you are taught to do and I know what is best for my children. I am glad that there are teachers out there like my sister in law and my two good friends from Church. (you know who you are) I believe that for the kids that their parents dont have any choice, that these wonderful people were put in the system for a reason. (Gods Plan for them). Maybe there is one life out there that they will change and it is all worth it then. I just honestly believe that Gods plan for me is to stay home and teach my children Gods way. There is so much crap in the world today that someone has got to be there to filter it out. And plus, the schools around here just arent what I would want to send my kids too,.....(except Aunt Chris's 3yr old class...I am sure it will be great :) cause they have a great teacher.....GOOD LUCK CHRIS) (22 3yrolds) :) Say a prayer for her will you....

Anyway, If I think of anything else on homeschooling toddlers I will post it. I need to organize my life first though. But that is another post. I might do that as soon as I get my son out of the movies.....lol....yes he started scooting about a month and a half ago and I forgot to post it. He also goes almost anywhere in his walker except on carpet...... He is getting so big....

Pictures soon.......Time to intervene before the movies get demolished..

love and prayers

New Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I GOT TO ORDER NEW BOOKS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got a return on our car insurance premium and I claimed it as mine for some new books that I have been wanting.....

I ordered

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.
Slow and Steady Get me Ready.
Farmer Will.....( Julie, I ordered one for Claire and Lily too....I was going to order one for Michayla but they only had two left in stock. I will have to order one for her next time. )

I should get them in by the end of next week. So we will have lots of fun.

I am so excited. I havent bought books in over a year and now I got to order two for me and one for my girls......

Actually they are all for the kids not just me...

Love and Prayers.


Is is just me or is everyone feeling overwhelmed? I just constantly have this feeling of suffocating. I dont know if it has to do with haveing three under 4 or if it is everything else I have to do. I just cant seem to breathe.

I asked Paul if he wanted to take back over the home business and the other paperwork that mounts up when you are self employed. He wouldnt mind, except that he would never get to see the kids or me. he is already working two jobs and overtime, plus coming home and helping out with whatever I dont get done here. I LOVE YOU FOR THAT PAUL.....

I heard a woman on the radio last night dedicating a song to her husband. She is from Louse (sp) In her coulture, the wife does nothing for a whole month after she has a baby. The husband cooks cleans, everything plus work. Must benice huh....

I just dont know how to get this feeling gone......I guess I need to do like Julie http://accordingtohispower2.blogspot.com said Charlie preached about. Just give it all to Jesus. Maybe If i really try this time it will happen.

Love and Prayers.

Monday, July 30, 2007

28 day challenge and HYH update.

I wanted to update on my challenge and the HYH. This is my last week on them. I have been doing better on Honoring my husband. We have had a rough spot but we are getting through it okay. I am so tired and emotionally exausted today that I dont have much brain for thought on any of this.

The study time is going okay. I got up this morning and prayed and studied but then Jason wanted to eat and he fell back asleep so I did too. I just cant seem to get any energy right now. (depression) But I did study and pray so maybe my day will go better.

I am fixing to put some Chicken in the crockpot for Chicken and Dumplings tonight. My husband does not like Chicken. He loves chicken and dumplings though and says mine is the best he has ever had. He just loves them. So. I think I will let the girls help me make the dumplings and refrigerate them so that when it is time to put them in tonight they will already be made.

I wont have much more time this week as we are getting ready for a big archery tournement and i have to help paul get the shirts ready. I have 374 shirts to fold and put in their proper tote before Wednesday. I also have a filthy house to clean.

Love and prayers.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miscelaneous (sp)

I just got home from the doctor with Jason....Shot time...yuck...Anyway, He will be okay. I am going to be going to my family's in a little while. So.....

I updated my weight goal. THanks to all the wonderful cooking at Church Camp, I gained my 5 pounds back.....lol Oh well, I need to get back on track and start exercising again....

Love and Prayers.


Julie had this link on her blog. http://www.hannahandlily.blogspot.com/ THis family lost their little girl in a freak accident. It made me think of my little girls. I dont honestly know what I would do if something happened to mine.

It makes you rethink how you treat your kids and how much time you spend with them. I know I am in the habit of telling my kids "in a minute" what if in a minute they are not there ?

Just gives you something to think about.

Love and Prayers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I just recieved word that my uncle passed away this afternoon. I am asking for prayers for my family as this will be a very rough time for us. You can read Julies post on him on herblog to understand more.

To All My family, I LOVE YOU And will be there as soon as I can.

Love and Prayers.

Recipe, Heart Stoppin Potatoes.

Here is a recipe for some potatoes that Paul came up with a few weeks ago. We have had several people tell us that they love them and want the recipe. So here it is.

Several Potatoes. Washed with skin left on
Season All
Italian Seasoning
Beef & Pork Rub (this is what we use but we have had others tell us they tried a different kind. As long as it is a meat seasoning I think it would turn out okay.)
Bacon Bits
Cheese. (Grated)

Slice Potatoes very thin (we use our meat slicer and come out with very thin disc.) Coat a baking pan with butter. put in potatoes. Sprinkle seasoning on top. The amount of potatoes and seasoning are up to you and what you like. We use a little bit more of the season all and a little less of the Beef and Pork and a generous amount of the Italian. Put a couple of spoonfuls of butter on top of potatoes. Cover with foil and either bake or put on the grill for about 30 min. I sometimes bake mine at 450 for about 45 minutes. You want them to be tender. Remove cover with grated cheese and bacon bits and enjoy. I really dont want potatoes any other way now. lol....

We have made them with low fat butter and cheese for my fatherinlaw and he likes them too. (or so he says. ) Anyway, just thought I would share this with you.

I am going to try and get a couple of more recipes up here later. I dont know though I have cranky kids.

Love and Prayers.

Odds and Ends

Hey, I am back from Church Camp and boy was it fun with three kids. I do have to say something though. My sister didnt make it up like she was supposed to. She got sick and didnt feel like coming. I didnot feel like being there at all. Wrong time of the month for me and mine has just gotten worse since Jason was born. Anyway, I did not have to worry about my kids that much. I mean some one was always wanting to hold Jason and Kylie and Alaina were always playing with the other kids and I could sit and visit while I watched them play. Now there were some days that we took naps instead of playing and a couple of days that we went to town. And I pressed T-shirts at night. (sorry Robert I didnt know you could press them.) Mom watched them for the most part at night but there were other people that helped to. (Thank You Christina for helping so much.....) And my sister Tammy was a big help. There are just too many to mention. I loved the fellowship and getting to visit and meeting new people and seeing old friends that I havent seen in a while.

Julie has a post on her blog about the Church of Christ. I know that some of the people that she is talking about was at camp. But if she had of been there with them she would have seen the Change, she would have seen that they are fighting for our Church. I have never felt like I did this year at Camp. It was just a wonderful feeling of love and belonging. I was a little disapointed because one of the main reasons I went down there was so my kids could see Claire and Lily and so I could visit with my sisters. God made me realize that that wasnt all there was to it. I have new friends (well renewed old friendships.)

We heard lots of good lessons and singing. I think the one that stood out most in my mind was the one Paul gave Sunday. It was over ATTITUDE. I will have to put it on here as a post. But my point is, I have heard that lesson several times and it never hit home like it did Sunday. I mean it just hit right where it needed too. For those of you that were there and seen that I wasnt one of the many (and I mean too many to count ) that went up for prayers, I was going to. My 4 yr old told me to stay there. HAHA She did not want to go up there because her daddy was crying. I hope all of you know that I need the prayers too.

My point is. Yes it is hard at Church Camp with little ones, they dont get their naps always, they are cranky in church, they dont always mind, they get dirty, they get off schedule a little bit, but they get straightened back out in a couple of days. they wash, and they can be held when cranky and moody. I would rather have been there sick and tired than not at all and missed the wonderful lessons and fellowship that we had. DId I mention i didn not have a husband there at all not even at night to fix bottles. lol......

Next.....Study time......I did not get up early last week, I stayed up so late pressing shirts and then visiting with a few that were still up and watching to make sure kids didnt sneak out that I was too exauseted to get up early. I did pray when I got up and I did study with my fellow christians at night so I guess I did study. I will try to get back on track this week, I have had a cold or the flu or something and am still not feeling well.

Honor Your Husband --------------I did not have very much time to honor my husband this past week. But I guess pressing tshirts while he was gone was all I could do. Our Marriage is going through one of those rough times that I cant explain. Too much work, not enough talking, bedrooms not that great cause we are both tired, etc.etc...Please pray for us. We need it right now.

I did not take any pictures at Church camp. I kinda got disheartened about them without my other two nieces there. I guess I should have taken pics of my other two nieces and nephews but it just didnt seem right to take pics of some and not all. Oh Well, Maybe next year.

I guess I need to go though. lots to do today and not enough time.

Love You all and Prayers to all

Thank You to All my Support at Church Camp.
Love You

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Late updates....

I have really been busy this week. And my internet has decided to act up. So on two hours of sleep last night I will post this.

First I will explain my two hours of sleep. Jason has been sleeping from about 8:30 to 5:30 great huh...not last night. He decided to wake up at 2:30 and toss and turn until about 6:00 and finally went back to sleep. But I was wide awake so I got up. It would not have been so bad except I stayed up until Midnight last night trying to get things done. I think God was telling me to go to bed from now on...lol..

* Alaina had to go monday for her check up (or one of them) and to get a test done at the health office. needless to say she did not sleep much Monday night. She is all clear of ear infections though.

*Jason had a bad reaction to the antibiotics he was on and so we had to change them. His ears were worse infected than before and he had fluid behind them so he got a shot and more antibiotics.

* I Have been getting up early but not spending alot of time studying. I have been praying and studying but not lengthy studies. I have put too much other stuff before God and my days have not went right.

I have not been doing good in this. I have been getting angry, nagging, I have not been greeting him at the door and I have been shrugging him off and not being responsive at all...Bad Bad Wife..

I have set new goals for myself.

Along with last weeks,

I will try to help him more on projects. He really likes for me to help him when he is doing stuff on the website or when he is working in the yard. I dont like helping him because alot of times because of my insecurities, I end up feeling stupid. This really bugs him and he hates it that I feel that way. He does not do it on purpose. (You would just have to know my family history to know why I feel this way)

I cant make his lunch because he does not like taking a lunch. He hates soggy bread or cold chicken and he does not want to take a cooler and let it leak all over his car. (His job does not require him to stay in one place. He is back inforth between towns and never knows which one he will be in. ) plus he probably would forget that he had it anyway. So I will try to make more meals at supper time that he likes and put back more of my grocery money to give to him so he can eat better at lunch. (Dollar cheeseburgers just dont cut it)

Anyway, I need to get alot of stuff done today. I have to take Alaina back to the health office too...

One last point though. Please pray for me and my sister Julie http://accordingtohispower.blogspot.com If you hop over there and read her last two post you will understand. She makes some really great points. Her HYH post is mostly what I need to do also, and I am also struggling with the Church issues.

And THANK YOU JULIE for posting about Kermit. I am trying so hard not to cry. My kids are looking at me like I am crazy everytime I start to. They dont understand. lol.

Love and Prayers

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Several dfferent things.


first of all, Julie, I know I told you I probably would not post until next week. But......

Second, I have to agree with the post Julie put up about her blog offending people........ I do not post this to offend people, I dont know who she might have offended, and I dont want to offend anyone, If I have I am sorry.

I dont judge people by what they believe or how they live their life. I live my life the way that I believe that I should live it. I am studying more on this. Striving every day to be better Christian. Just like I believe everyone else (blogs I read) is. If they werent trying, they probably would not have a blog up about it.

If you want to comment on my blog, go ahead. If you disagree with something that I say, tell me, I will not get mad. No matter what people believe, I am not one that is quick to anger. I would love to have more people comment and would love to make more friends. I repeat, I will not get mad. You will not offend me.....I am not easily offended either.

Third, I did not do what I was supposed to this weekend. Saturday, my alarm went off and my husband told me to turn it off, I could study later. So being the submissive wife that I am trying to be and Honor my Husband (tee hee) (If you know me You know why I am laughing.) I turned my alarm off and said a quick prayer and snuggled back up (I love being held by my husband, it makes me feel so safe and secure so I take advantage of it.) and went back to sleep. This morning,,,,,lets not even talk about it. Jason was up most of the night, Alaina started running fever again and I woke up in just enough time to get ready for Church....I know bad girl huh....hopefully I can get back on track this week...

Love and Prayers.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Weight Loss

I just wanted to update on my weight loss goal. I have not lost pounds but I have lost inches. How that happens I dont know...but I am happy because this means I can wear smalller clothes and eventually the weight will come off... So I am still trying. We will see how it goes.

Study Time and Honor Your Husband

I got up this morning at 5:00 with Jason. He slept all night and was ready to be fed. I could not go back to sleep after he ate and Paul left at 5:30 this morning instead of 6 so I stayed up, got my coffee going and got my concordance and my Bible. I studied Proverbs 31 believe it or not. I spent a whole hour looking up words and following their Hebrew meanings. I learned alot and will post on it when I complete the Chapter. I also prayed for my family and for my friends and for patience.

Jaso woke up again at 6:30 and I put him in his swing andkept studying. The girls woke at 7:00 and we prayed together and got breakfast ready. I now have laundry going and have not yelled once this morning. Cross my fingers and keep praying.

Julie commented on how she read about love being kind and she was mad at Charlie when she read it. I know exactly how you feel. I am really amazed at how sometimes if we will just listen, God really does talk to us. He knew you needed to read that verse just like the day I was mad at my kids, He knew that I needed to read about being slow to anger.

I know it is hard trust me, I have a 4mth old who doesnt always sleep through the night, my two yr old and 4yr old sometimes get up lots during the night to go to the bathroom. (I dont mind this it is better than having to change sheets. ) But I dont always get enough sleep. I really believe though that if I am willing to get up early enough to spend time with God then He will guide me through my exaustion and help me with my day. JUST KEEP PRAYING...

On to my next topic. Julie has joined and issued a challenge that is going on over at http://fruitinseason.blogspot.com/ It is a 30 day Honor Your Husband Challenge. I know we are joining late but I plan on keeping mine going for the full 30 days.

My goals for the week are not many as I was told last night that I already honor him and he doesnt see any need for me to do this. But I am anyway (not very submissive huh?)


1) I will be less angry with him. I have a problem of getting angry with him when he is on the computer and there is stuff that he could be doing. It doesnt take much, just seeing him on it mostly looking for new jobs (I dont understand why he does this when he has his real estate liscense and there is no way we could make it on what one of those jobs would pay anyway. part of my not trusting him and fear that he is never going to be happy doing what he does.) I need to work on not getting mad when he is on here. He works all day and comes home and wants to relax. I need to look at it like this instead of looking at all that he isnt doing and thinking that he is just putting more work on me.

2) I will be less nagging. Yes I NAG.....I believe I inherited this trait although I cannot get her to see it. lol Love her though very much. I am bad about nagging him until he does stuff that I believe he needs to do. (see above) I know he despises it but yet I cannot help myself. I really am bad.....

3) Like most everyone else who is doing this challenge, I will be more responsive in the bedroom. If you dont want to read this the scroll somewhere else. But it is part of marriage and part of being a loving caring wife. I believe that we do okay in this area already but there are nights that i really wish he wouldnt even ask. So I will try to improve on this.

anyway, I will post next week on how I am doing on this. I have a busy weekend so I will probably be back on monday (maybe, my uncle is not doing good at all and we are expecting him to go anytime.)

Love and Prayers

Thursday, July 05, 2007

okay dont know why mine is 28 days, just sounded good. Mine is starting tommorow, July 6 and will go through August 2. I am determined to do this. I will post once a week as to how I am doing. Probably on Thursdays.


Okay so you know that I am trying to be a better CHRISTIAN, WIFE, MOTHER etc.... well I realized a couple of weeks ago that if I would take more time to study and quit worrying so much, my life might be more peaceful and less chaotic. I truly believe this and have been trying to figure out how I could manage to have more time to study. I mean I am the mom of three. I do have a husband that works 40+ hours a week and is fixing to start a second job. I cant very well take time away from him in the evenings when I barely get to see him as it is. I was reading a blog called fruitinseason my sister recommended it to me. I know she does not share all of the same religious beliefs that I do but sometimes others can be inspiring. Besides, I dont know of many Church of Christ bloggers out there. Anyway, she was talking about how she did a two week trial of getting up early and reading her bible and having her time with God. My first thought was that she was nuts and I couldnt do this with my kids. I would be exausted. But as I read it I thought wait aminute you duffus....you got up when you were pregnant with Jason. And I did, The last 4 months that I was pregnant with him, I was up when Paul left for work at 6:00 he got up at 5:30 and I let him finish his bathroom stuff then I got up and started mine then got a cup of coffee, sent him out the door with a hug and kiss and sat down to study or read blogs for inspiration. I was more patient with the kids, (didnt yell near as much, ) I learned alot that I could ask questions about when Paul got home. We actually had some really good conversations about stuff. I remember being tired but not spiritually like i am now.

I right now in my life have no purpose in my spiritual life. I need a push in that direction. So I have decided to issue a challenge.

I challenge you , whoever you are reading this blog, to a 28 day Morning Study Time. Every day for 28 days, rise before your family, get you a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of ice water or whatever you like to start you day with, put brakfast on while you are doing it if possible. What ever you have to do.

I personally am going to get up and start with a cup of coffee and then a glass of ice water. I will start by praying and asking God to guide my studies and to show me the light. I know this sounds crazy but to share a story with you, for those of you who think i have it all under control and admire me for having three kids. About a month ago, I was having one of those days that nothing was going right, the phone would not quit ringing, and my kids were out of control. I could not stop yelling and Jason was so colicky all day that I was about ready to just literally scream until I could not scream no more. I dont know why or what happened but all of a sudden, I knew that I had to go pray and read by myself. I put Jason in his swing, (he was relatively safe from the girls.) I put a movie in that the girls hadnt watched in a while and I went in my bedroom and shut the door. (Kylie is old enough she knows to come get me if something happens and besides it is a trailer house you can hear through the walls lol) I prayed and prayed and prayed and asked God to guide me and show me what to do. I then opened my Bible and read. I opened it without looking and it opened to Prov. I cant remember now the scriptures but it was where it talks about being quick to anger. Oh Boy did that hit home.....I read it and then prayed some more thanking God for that wisdom. You know what My day was better after that. By the time Paul came home, we were all settled down and the house was relatively clean and Jason was down for a good long nap. I was actually smiling. Do you know how often I smile when he comes home anymore. Not very, mostly it is a frown and a "How do you think my day went." I am working on another challenge for this topic but anyway. JOIN ME PLEASE.......

If you will leave a comment or email me (ladybowhunter22@yahoo.com) with your name I will start a list of all who is joining this challenge. I dont know how to get buttons to put on my blog but will work on that too......So I can have a pretty button for this.

I am starting tommorow. I will get up at 6:00 that is when Paul leaves for work. I will get my coffee and maybe start breakfast (we will see about that one.) I will then sit down for my morning talk with God.

Sometimes Jason wakes up at 6 sometimes 6:30 but he is usually good until about 7:30 when he gets hungry so I should be able to get in at least 30 min if not an hour.




Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Alaina had her doctor appointment today. He was a very nice pediatrician. He is foreign I am not sure what nationality, (maybe afgan or something like that.) Anyway, he said her lymph node is probably a symptamatic lymph node. It probably swelled because of her ear infections or because she may have had tosilitis and we did not know it. He does not think it is cancerous or anything to be worried about at this time. He does want to do a TB Skin test to make sure she hasnt contracted that. He is also doing another blood work and a blood virus scan to make sure she does not have a virus in her blood. We will do the skin test next week and the blood work at the end of July and then go back to see him at the first of august to check and make sure that the lymph node is not swollen any more and to make sure her labs are okay. If there is anything wrong then we will go from there.

Anyway, I have got to go get my kids in bed and get some school stuff done. No homeschooling is not just a joy ride. It takes patience (something I am lacking), knowledge (something I am gaining), and love (something I have a lot of) and oh yeah planning which takes time. Time, I dont have a lot of because I have kids. I am sitting here tired as can be typing this but I like to keep up on here. It is my journal and I like to keep up with what is going on. I will keep you updated on Alaina.

Love and Prayers