I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have been trying to finish up my planning for the upcoming home school year but one question remains from last year and I cannot seem to answer it.    What to use for Science curriculum? 

We are mainly Charlotte Mason style but I am not against using a different style of curriculum.   I have thought about just doing Nature Study with them until they get a little older. 

Also, at what age would you generally start a specific Science curriculum?  This is where it gets confusing looking at all the different curriculums out there.  Some dont start until "grade" 3 or 4 and some start at "grade"1.  So what "grade" or age do you really start with the Science....and Geography and History for that matter? 

We started with some History last year and some Geography and some Science, but the girls quickly lost interest in all three....so we laid back and concentrated on Reading, Hadnwriting and Math...with Fun stuff thrown in.  But now I am back where I was last year....with the questions of when do I start teaching these and what do I teach. 

Any input would be much appreciated!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study:  Strength.  Will give some verses on this later.

Memory Verse: Prov. 31:25

Husband Encouragement:   Get us both to feeling better.  He hates it when I'm sick and I hate it when he is sick. 
* Just be here for him when he comes in from work.  I get so wrapped up in the kids and the house and lose sight of just US time.

Train Them Up:  Keep getting back on routine and getting them outside.  Although it is hot hot hot outside this week, we have got to find cool things to do. 

Personal Goals:  Get to feeling better.  Thats about it. 

New Habit of the Month:  Keep doing dishes up throughout the day.   Been doing pretty good, just got to keep doing it. 

Must Do:  Still need to order the herbs for the kids.  * Still need to make bread and freeze.  * Still need to finish school plans and order books.   (this stuff has gotten put off because of being sick and shortage of money... :( )

Zone:  Not doing one this week.  Basically my whole house needs cleaned but unless I feel better, I'm not doing much. 

Monday:  Had Pizza for supper.
Tuesday:   B: Eggs, Toast
                   L: Grilled Cheese
                   S:  Hamburger Steak, Fried Potatoes Veggie.
Wednesday: B: Smoothies
                      L:  No Clue
                      S:  Bible Study:  Velveeta Cheese Dip/Chips  Fruit Salad
 Thursday: B:  Granola
                    L:  Chicken Salad Sandwiches
                     S: Biscuits/Gravy/Bacon
Friday:  B: Smoothies
               L:  Quesadillas
               S:  Steaks, Baked Potatoes, Salad
Saturday and Sunday, have no idea what we are doing so I am not planning anything.

Fun Things: Playday with the homeschool group Friday.   Thats about it this week.  :)
3 things I am thankful for this week:  A great husband * Kids that understand that momma is sick and are being so helpful and good (they planned out menu this week :) )  * God!

For more Monday Meanderings please visit Sarah!

Have a blessed week!!!!!

Kinda Bummed.....

Kindof a dotted post....

* I have been sick for the last two weeks....Bronchitis.  It hurts, it makes me feel yucky and I am tired of coughing.  And even though I am not contagious, I hate the looks I get in the stores or public places when I cough...

* Paul has been fighting a bronichal infection for a month now...he is even more tired of being sick than I am...I am tired of him being sick.  Not that I mind taking care of him, I just dont like seeing my baby sick. 

* I am tired of trying to type in blogger and it not working.  ughhhh

* Our Homeschool Groups Moms Night Out has kinda slacked off.  Just not a whole lot of moms coming and the ones of us that are are kinda discouraged instead of encouraged.  I need some ideas on things for us to do.  We are not a rich homeschool group, most of our husbands are either out of work or low on work and most are self employed so things that require money are not an option. 

* This Heat is so opressing.....So tiring!!!!! 
Thats it, just things that are kinda low today.  

Now to make my day better and my week Great!!!!  
I pray everyone has a great week!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eli Gabriel....our Grandson!

Eli Gabriel. 7-8-10. 7.5lbs 20.5in.  Doing great and being spoiled!   Sorry if some of the pics are blurry.  Kind of hard to get good pics of moving kids... :) 
But that is what we are up to lately.......


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study - Randomly reading through the Bible.  I like to do this from time to time.

Memory VerseAs said above, I am randomly reading....my ADD mind is so busy this week and usually in these instances, if I try to make myself memorize something, it does not work at all!  

Husband Encouragement
* Have the house clean when he comes in from work...
* Have his clothes put up....he cannot stand having his clothes left out after they have been laundered and I am horrible at putting them up. 
* Make a special meal for him this week!  He deserves it!
* Praise him for one thing (or more) each day!  I try not to nag or belittle him, but I really need to work on finding things to tell him he did good...or that I appreciate. 

Train Them Up
*I'm with Sarah on the getting OFFLINE.  I get so wrapped up in things on the computer, I tend to forget the kids and it is so crazy around here.
* Also with Sarah on getting the kids outside.  We have no trees in our yard....but if they can just stay outside for 10-15 min at a time, this would help so much.....(and I am going to start keeping popsicles and homemade slushies in the freezer so they can cool off.....) :) 
*Start back on our daily routine.....we have gotten so off of everything but morning routine the last few weeks while we have had my daughter-in-law over.....she is anxiously awaiting the birth of our Grandson and hasnt wanted to be home alone....just in case. 
* Start doing their Bible reading time again.....we have also forgot this in the business of life but it works so well!
Personal Goals
* re-paint my nails.....lol.  I so need to do this and wouldn't have thought of it if Sarah hadn't posted it.
* Start walking again.  I have let this go also and I can tell.
* Drink more Lemon water everyday....such an energy booster and so many health benefits....
New Habit of the Month - JULY!
*Keep the dishes done.  When I leave the dishes even for a little bit, we get overrun with ants....(the little black ones) and its horrible.  If I keep the dishes done up, they are not as bad.   But I am bad about leaving them for the day and doing them all at night..... :(
*Order more contacts....finally got my eyes re-examined and now I need to order contacts and new glasses...but glasses later.
* Order herbs off of Amazon. (I can get the kids ear drops and Echinacea on here cheaper.)
* Make Bread and freeze some....so tired of buying bread from store.
* Finish making school plans for kids and get books ordered
* Make a pillow for Jason (he doesn't have a special pillow... :( )
I think that is enough for the week....considering the last two days are going to be busy....
Zone - master bath...


M -had supper with Daddy...
T- Grilled Hamburgers with the kids
W- Bible Study- Beans and Sausage, cake.
Th- Probably eat out...Will be at the hospital with Amber....(she is being induced)
F- Mexican Casserole
S- Cereal (we like to do this some....it is cheap (if its homemade granola) and quick and relaxing)
*Amber is scheduled to be induced Thursday....she has been having some problems so they are ready to go.  So hopefully by Thursday night, we will have our Grandson...
* My mom and dad possibly coming up for a couple of days.

3 things I'm thankful for today:
1.My wonderful family!
2. My very hardworking husband.
3. Garden fresh veggies. 

For more Monday Meanderings please visit Sarah!!!!
Hope all has a blessed week!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

My wonderful husband.....

I have the Greatest Husband in the World!!!!!  He is such a hard worker and he always makes time for our babies. No matter how tired he is or how much he has to do, he still makes time to sit them on his knee and just spend time with them teaching them.  He comes in from work and wrestles with them and they LOVE it!!! I love hearing the screams of joy and the "Come get me Daddy".

He  has been sick with a sinus infection the last couple of weeks but he still has been working and taking care of his family.   I had to have a tooth pulled a couple of weeks ago while he was out of town on a trip for a couple of days.   He knows how dental work gets me down and he hated being out of town.  He came home the next day and immediately started helping with the house and cooking and making sure I had whatever I thought I could eat.  He even made two different trips to town to get me stuff.

His (our) first Grandbaby is due any day and I cant wait to see him as a grandpa.  I never thought that I would be a grandma at 29.  But its okay.  I am so anxious for this baby to get here so I can spoil it.  But I know he has waited a loooooonnnnnggg time to be able to say that he is a grandpa.   He is so excited about it.

I thank God everyday for sending my husband to me.  He knew what He was doing when He gave us to each other.  We have learned alot the last couple of years about becoming a couple that pleases God.  It has not been an easy journey and we are far from finished but I am so glad that My husband has been the one that I have journeyed it with and that we will continue this journey together! 

This picture was taken at the Zoo in Great Bend, Ks.  We were there on business and the town has a free Zoo and Raptor center.  It was really cool.  We were in the Aquarium house when this picture was taken and a really big fish had just swam by and of course Jason was distracted...Kylie was acting scared and Alaina clung to daddy...lol.  A great trip though.

This monkey was so playful and was really enjoying having the kids talk to him.  He followed us all the way around the cage.  Course pictures are hard to take of a moving monkey through wire.. :)   The fish on the right, was one of many in the aquarium house.  The girls thought it was cool in the house because the only light was the lights coming from the aquarium's.  It was a really really cool but weird light.   If that makes any sense....but most of the house dark with green and purple and blue and pink lights everywhere....made for some interesting pictures! 

This trip was just one of the many things that Paul does for his family!  So blessed to have him!!!

Blessings and I pray all has a very blessed Holiday weekend!