I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goings on......and other such stuff...

Crazy title huh..lol.   We have had a busy last couple of months....well, the whole half of last year was busy...and now we are starting to settle into routines.  A (starred) list of things we have been doing or things I want to do....well see how many of those I get done. (grins)

* My husbands home business took off like a rocket.....he is now very very busy....but since it is at home, we get to spend lots of time with daddy!!!!

*Our involvement with our Homeschool group has grown.....we now do Moms night out, 4-H play day, regular play day (or will when it warms up...brrrr). 

* I want to start going to the other moms house and letting my kids play or learn one craft from the other kids.....(craft, cook, farmwork, something like that)

* I want to learn how to make fabric or felt food for my kids to play with....who knows , someday I may sell it....(anyone have any hints on this)

* I have 6 aprons to make....need to get started. Kylie wants to help me.  We will see...lol

* I have 2 quilts to repair....yeah....ummmmm they are still in my sewing basket for like the last 6 months...lol.

* I have 8 or 9 quilts that I need to make......yeah...the material is still at the store...

* I have started trying a new recipe a week.....so far only two of them have been keepers.....I think we may stick to the oldies but goodies....you know, all that bad for you butter and red meat stuff...lol.   And dont forget fried taters... (its a southern thang ya know! )

* Today is a play day around here....Kylie did math, but other than that, nah...we are watching Elmo......(its educational.....)

* We are hoping to have a farm within a year.  Seriously, I miss my country living.....so ready to wade the muck to check on cows....and gather eggs......

* School did not go at all like I wanted this year.  We will try again next year...no big deal right....I mean come on, Kylie is only 6 and she is learning to read after all......and she can already add, multiply (some) Subtract (some)

* I'm going to be a grandma in July (well, step grandma, but I am the one that lives the closest to it....)

* And I am kinda excited about that.....anther baby around....

* I have been spending less time on facebook and blogs. Its kinda strange not to be on the computer everyday...

*but I'm getting more done.

*my house is halfway organized......

*the other half is getting done this weekend....hopefully

*I am enjoying learning more about GOD and life with my kids

* and now my kids want to know if I can have a tea party! 

* So I will go and next time I will try to do some pictures of things we have been up too.....although I havent stopped to take a lot of pictures lately....life is too full and fun to stop and grab a camera


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"Why are you still seeking the worlds approval instead of mine?" ------ Love God!

Colossians 3:23-24

My thoughts for the day....


Friday, January 01, 2010

Womanhood, Motherhood.....

I have not been blogging alot here lately, I have not been doing much of anything here lately.  This post that I came across today on  Like A Warm Cup of Coffee explains how I have felt almost to a "T" !!!!  I could not think of any better words to explain it.   My question too is How many of you women out there feel like this too?  Seriously, sometimes I feel like I am the only one, but I know there has to be others out there....

This one was interesting too....

And I will try my best to be back more often......hopefully, without feeling completely lost and unworthy to be the mom that God made me!