I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catch Up

I know I have not been posting as I should. I have been taking more time to study the Bible and to play with the kids. I have also been busy with Alaina's doctors appointments. I dont know if anything is wrong yet but they want her to be evaluated by another pediatrican (sp). So we get to do that tuesday. What fun.... Anyway, I have been doing that and reading alot. Today I am making bread and will be rearranging furniture. Plus we got the girls a new puppy and so we are busy with him today. It is a beagle and he is so cute. Kylie named him Robin Hood. lol We have been reading that book and she just loves it. I asked her why she named him that and she told me because he is going to be a hunter. I told her that Robin Hood wasnt a hunter he was a thief. She said he was also a hunter because he has a bow and arrow. lol....Kids logic is so funny sometimes.

Jason is doing better. He is only waking up once a night again. If only I could go to sleep at 8:30 like he does then maybe I could get more sleep.

Anyway, I have to go check my bread, it is probably through rising. Yummmm Homemade Bread. I dont think I will buy store bought again if I can keep this made up. Next I am going to try to make whole wheat or sourdough. We will see how that goes.

Love and Prayers.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can a 4 month old spell "sleep"?

I think I officially have sleep deprivation. Jason has hit a growth spurt and so the past two nights, I have been up most of the night and am completely ready to crash but as I type this, He is laying beside me playing and laughing. (I think I will be up again tonight.) He doesnt sleep much during the day either though so I dont know what it is. And yes I am feeding him his rice cereal and we have even started eating applesauce and bananas.

I had to take Alaina back to the doctor for fasting bloodwork last tuesday. Her cholesterol level in her first round was 400 and something, in her fasting it was 42, which is normal. We still have to take her back in 4 to 6 weeks to get it retested just to make sure.

paul passed his State Real Estate test!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the first try. He drove to OKC last Monday morning and took it and passed it. Everyone said it was really really hard to pass so we were prepared for him to have to take it 3 or 4 times. But he did really good and passed it on the first attempt. Now he gets to be a REAL ESTATE SALES ASSOCIATE....lol

I guess I need to go I am so tired, I am misspelling everything and having to go back and retype it.

Love and Prayers.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Update on kids.

Well here it is Friday again and I still dont have pictures up. Maybe tommorow cause I am sending the kids outside for a while.

Took kids back to doctor Wednesday. Jason has ear infections in both ears. Alaina has an ear infection in her left ear and her lymph node still hasnt went down. Bigger than last time in fact. So they drew blood and are sending it off to test for several different things. Have you ever had your two year old stuck like they do an IV? It is not fun....They stuck her arm twice and she apparently has veins like me cause the vein would be there but when they got the needle in the vein would disapear. So they finally stuck her foot and found a vein there (it tried to disapear but the nurse that was doing it by then was determined) anyway, by the time they got to her foot, she was mad and scared and trying to climb off the table. Here I was trying to hold Jason ( he has out grown his infant seat so I had nowehere to put him) , hold her down at the same time trying to comfort her and Kylie had to see what they were doing and she wanted to hold Alainas hand cause they were hurting her sister.

What fun when you have to go by yourself. lol......Yes Paul had to work. If he takes off, we dont pay bills so he cant take off unless he has had a really long week and being the middle of the week like that, we never know if he is actually going to work his hours Thurs. and Fri. so it is safer not to take off.

anyway gotta go get in the bed, I am actuall going to try to start getting up earlier and see if I can manage any better I dont know though with two sick kids I may just pull the covers back over my head...

Love and Prayers

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Prayer for Julie


Julie is okay. She did not have to have the D & C. She came home last night and as far as I know is doing okay. Keep her in your prayers though so that maybe she will continue this course.

Thank You for your prayers

I just wanted to ask everyone to say a prayer for my sister Julie. She is having some complications and last I heard she might have to have a D&C done today.

Keep her and Charlie in your prayers and my mom as she is watching the girls for them.

Love and Prayers

Monday, June 11, 2007

quick note

I know I promised pictures and I will get them on here. Right now I have a quick break while jason is amused by his mobile and his teething tablets work for a few minutes. He is teething
and cranky plus it seems his colic has come back.

Alaina is running fever and her lymph node on her neck is still swollen. So she is being cranky today as well.

Kylie well she is the only well one today and of course is bored and wanting attention but I cant give it to her with the other two being clingy and cranky.

Love and prayers.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Different things.

Some different things

First, We have had a bad week. Hasnt anything went right and when we try to get caught up or ahead, everthing seems to get behind. Anyway, I only lost one more pound but I havent been eating right and no exercise to speak of. I will try to get back on track next week. (I had ice cream this week with the kids)

Second, We had a fun day the other day (we gave up since nothing was going right and took a break. I will try and post pictures later but I have got to pay bills and buy some groceries today and Jack is supposed to come over tonight and we are going to go to the park (if it is not raining.) We try to spend all our time with him when he is over. So if I dont get them up before he gets here, i will try to do it sometime later.

Third, I am really trying to get my bearings on this homeschool stuff...there is so much stuff out there and so many different resources. But the more I read about it and the more I watch my kids while we are doing school, the more I am convinced that this is the best thing for them and that We will be okay. I CAN DO THIS!!!!! It may be tough at times but I can do it.

Fourth, I realized why our week was going bad yesterday. I am not spending enough time studying and praying. Sleep deprivation and little or no studying or prayer does not go well together. I have got to make time to study more.

I guess that is all for today and I will try and get the pictures up. I may wait and put pictures up of the park if we get to go.

Love and Prayers

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


PAUL PASSES HIS FINAL TEST IN CLASS LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He now has to pass the state test before he can sell real estate but when he does that, he already has a job with the company that he took the class through. He will not be quitting his regular job though. He will be working it on Mon. thru Thurs. and Selling real estate on Frid. and Sat. Until he is able to make enough to quit his job and sell real estate full time. It shouldnt take too long though.. But pray for us and I am sure these will be trying times as we all adjust to not having Daddy here on Saturdays. It ought to be interesting to say the least.

Love and Prayers

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cell Phones

You know that I mentioned that we went and changed cell phone companies yesterday. Well, we can make calls on our new phones and up until a few minutes ago, we recieved them on our old ones. Well now they are in the process of shutting down our old phones and mine is laying on the table just beeping away. I cant shut it off and I cant do anything else on it. So the beeping is going to drive me crazy......I hope they hurry up and finish. I am tempted to throw it out the door.....

Pray that I stay sane....

Things I wanted to post about

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to post about a couple of things. I just thought they were interesting.

First, my husband read my post about the Church not doing anything with the kids. He in turn gave a really good lesson Sunday on "If we want the Church to Grow." It got everyone who was there to hear it to thinking about what we dont do. He remembers growing up and visiting my home congregation that we had dinners almost every Sunday somewhere. I remember growing up and visiting his home congregation and always having activities for the kids.
Neither congregation does this anymore. Whether it is that our lives are too busy for the Church and we have become Sunday Morning Christians or what I dont know but I am determined to change it. I am going to start feeding our sheep as he put it in his lesson.

Second. After Church Sunday, we had to go out to the lake and finish up some work on a fence he put in out there. ( I know working on a Sunday isnt supposed to happen, but the rest of our day was all about relaxing and studying. We even got the girls to asking questions about the Bible. ) While out there I seen something interesting. Let me explain about my learning experience first.

Back in the fall, Paul had to do some work on the courtesy docks at the lake. Now me not growing up on the lake or around it, I had to ask what a courtesy dock was...He explained. For those of you who dont know, it is a dock that the boats pull up to and let someone out to go get the vehicle and trailer and they come and back down the unloading and loading ramp and pick up the boat. It is also where they pick up the person who went and parked the vehicle and trailer after they unloaded the boat. This is usually a two person job. One to drive the boat and one to drive the vehicle.

WEll Sunday, I witnessed it being done with a man and a (probably) 7 yr old boy. Assumming they were father and son. At first I thought that he was a crazy idiot to let his son stay on the boat while he went and parked the trailer. But then as I watched them, I realized that this man had spent enough time with the boy that he knew exactly what to do. It was really enlightning to see that some fathers still spend that much time with their kids. The Dad backed the boat down the unloading dock, unloaded it, went over to the courtesy dock, the boy guided the boat over to the courtesy dock and the dad tied it up (which you are not supposed to do) but he didnt really have a choice. Then the dad went and parked the trailer and ran ( and I mean ran) back down to the boat and untied it and got in.

I could not believe that this little boy was well trained enough not to try and take off or anything like that. He didnt mess with anything, he just sit there and waited on his dad.

How many of us could say that about our kids? Not mine, I left the kids in the car the other day while I went in the tag office (I killed the car and rolled windows down so that they wouldnt get too hot. but didnt roll them down very far because i didnt want anyone to be able to stick their hands in. ) Normally I would not do this, but Alaina was asleep and have you ever tried to carry a sleeping toddler, and infant seat with a 16lb baby and hold your other toddlers hand while juggling doors and paper work. I was only in about 5 min. and I parked right in front of the door and I could see them the whole time. Funny though. I looked out once and Kylie was out of her seat and messing with the radio buttons, (the station was switched when I got back in) i shook my head at her and she hurridly got back in her seat but was not buckled in by the time I got there. Just thought it was funny that My child cant even leave the radio alone I dont want to think what she would do with a boat...lol.....It would probably be in the middle of the lake by the time I got back.

I just thought that was interesting.

Love and Prayers

Monday, June 04, 2007

Its a Monday for sure!

It has been Monday today....We usually stay home and do laundry on Mondays but We had to go to a town about an hour away and switch cell phone companies....yes me with three kids in the middle of the mall in a cell phone store....very funny picture.....anyway, we got that taken care of and had lunch with Paul and was going to go to Target, but I had to come home and call in some info for our new phones and had a door loaded in the back of the truck for our Church building anyway so I will probably go running around this weekend. Just to get out of the house with the girls for a while....Kylie really likes Target and I need some stuff from there anyway.

Jason is not feeling well at all today. He has been terribaly congested the past two or three days and it seems to be getting worse. He does this when we change environments for two or three days or when he is outside very much...We were outside Thursday and went to a birthday party Friday night ( which meant night air and change of environment) then Saturday, we went to the library and to another birthday party.....

Alaina is not feeling well, her ears were almost cleaned up at their doctors appointment but she had a lymph node that was really swollen and I dont think it has gone down any plus she says her ears hurt again, so I will have to call the doctor in the morning....She is an excellant doctor, I just cant say enough about her...She is great with the kids and is really patient and very thorough.. Kylie was playing with that light thing that they look in your ears and stuff with and she let her...She just laughed...

I made some changes to my blog. Verse of the day...at bottom of blog page-------Bible Gateway website link....You can read the Bible online here and search from many different versions-----Changed the prayer list----Added links to several of the ooks that I am reading.....

I will change my Menu next week. Right now I am winging it as I cant seem to get stuff prepared on schedule with sick kids.

Homeschooling is going okay...We dont have a set schdule yet..We are just doing it whenever Kylie says she wants to...I drop whatever I am doing and we do school for 30 to 40 minutes....She is doing some handwriting worksheets and a workbook that we have.

I will try and post more later tonight, I have a couple of things that I want to post on but have a cranky baby righ now and amtyping this between screaming fits....

Love and Prayers