I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Giants!

I have been reading this book. All I can say is I am learning. My toes are very sore (you know the saying...about having your toes stepped on. ) Well mine have been getting trampled. I really really need to start facing my giants and let God help me with them. They are not near as scary if you just let God help. I highly recommend reading this if you havent already. He is such a creative writer. He has a way of pulling in his reader and keeping them there until he is ready to turn them lose.
I will try my best to post some notes on this book when I finish it for the second time. It is just so good that I hate to quite reading it.
Love and Prayers

Monday, March 24, 2008

Catching Up

I am sorry that I have been absent lately. I have been really super busy. Like I said in my last post, this is a very busy time in our lives.

I do have another Birthday Wish though...Happy Birthday to my sister Tammy! I know I am late posting it but hey, I sent her a card and I have good excuses for being late....lol.
I have several prayer request.. 1. Please pray for Micah and Michayla. From what I understand they are sick and Micah is taking breathing treatments. They are some very cute kids.. 2..Please pray for my friend Misty. She has been having some pains in her back and chest and is not sure what it is. The doctors cant find anything. Please pray that she gets better soon.
3. Please pray for my husband. He has been sick since Friday. I took him to the ER Sunday (story to come) and they said it was just a really bad sinus infection and bronchitis. I have never seen him this sick though. Not even when he had pneumonia. He is just not bouncing back. He missed Church yesterday and work today and possibly will miss tommorow. He just doesnt miss Church at all...and almost the same with work. But he missed both so I know he has to be feeling baddddd...
Our Easter Sunday was not what I had planned or expected but maybe God is trying to tell me to slow down and be more flexible. It started out like I said Friday with Paul coming home sick and just kept getting worse. Saturday I was worried about him and trying to get everything ready for Church Sunday. I had lots of laundry to catch up on from our busy week last week and my kids werent cooperating. Then they missed their nap because right in the middle of nap time was their cousins birthday party. So Jack took them to it while I stayed home and took care of Paul and Jason took part of his nap. He got woke up by some very loud neighbors and was then cranky. When Jack and the girls got home, I then had them lay down and very quietly read some books and put Jason back down to finish his nap. Then I put a brisket in the oven for Sunday dinner and made deviled eggs. After supper Saturday, the girls got their bath and we rolled their hair on sponge rollers (they love this and it used to be an every saturday night thing.) and they went to bed.

Sunday Morning, Paul was still not feeling good and Kylie got up with a fever and her head hurting....So I gave her some tylenol, figuring she would stay home with Daddy and then I decided to stay home with them and let Jack take Alaina to church..but Kylie started crying and wanting to go to Church and so we got her dressed and we all (minus paul) went to Church.......After Kylie took a nap during Church she was fine. I think she just needed sleep. She runs a fever when she is too tired. She had a little bit of a fever later on in the evening but she took another nap with Daddy and was okay again. Here are some pics of my dressed up babies..
Alaina, She looks so much like my granny in the top picture and in the bottom one, well, she looks like the goofy, your gonna love me whether you want to or not little girl that she is. She is a mess. That is for sure.

My movie star. She is so photogenic most of the time. And she loves posing for pictures...all you have to do is get the camera out and she is posing....now Alaina, she wants to see how it works..not be in front of it...lol.

I dont have any of Jason or Jack. Do you know how hard it is to get pictures of a 1 yr old and a 17 yr old?

Anyway, we didnt stay and hunt eggs or anything after church, we came home and I took paul to the ER while my mother in law watched the kids. (THANK YOU GRANNY AND PAPA) They got to hunt eggs with their cousins while they were there though so I think they had fun. (THANK YOU MIRANDA AND KK AND AUNT DUCKY!)

Today, while my husband was taking a nap, Jack and I got the garden started. We are starting brand new here at our house so we are having to turn it over with shovels before we till it. It is just too hard to til unless we do. So tonight we are awfully sore and tired. I will try to take some pictures tommorow if we do it and post them. We are also starting our own worm farm. I will try to post a link later but a cute story........

Jack and I would find worms as we were digging and we would tell Kylie. She would then put a glove on and very excitedly, run over and hold her gloved hand out so we could put the worm on it. Then she would very carefully so as not to drop it, go over to the bucket and drop it in. She done this several times. One time, we were watching her carry it over and she got to the bucket and dropped it in but instead of dropping the glove and going off to play, she leans over the bucket and says in a very sing song voice.." There you go, now you have all those nice friends to play with..." It was so cute and so Kylie. For those of you that know Kylie personally, you can imagine this. She was adorable. And so now we have about 20 or 30 "friends" in a bucket with dirt awaiting transplant to our worm farm...Very small scale (for our own use) worm farm. The kids think it is cool though.

For now, I am going to head to bed, since I have to get up early in the morning and grad Jacks school work. But Love and Prayers to everyone!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Much

I know I have not been posting alot here lately. We have entered a busy season of our lives again and we are trying to adjust. I do have updates on the kids...they are all doing well. Kylie's urinary tract infection is gone..(thank God). Alaina is looking good. Jason is looking good. Jack is doing good.

Aside from that, we are just really really busy. Today is my mother in laws birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We love you!

Anyway, just wanted to check in and let everyone know that we are okay.

Love and Prayers


The one with her back to us is Alaina, she was playing shy!
This is all but three of my parents grandkids.....they have 9total, plus one more on the way.
Gotta love the country life....and no they werent actually going anywhere....they just love to pretend..See alainas big grin...she actually loves riding. (way more than she should at her age..)
This was her monkey she got for her birthday.
Miranda and Alaina.....Miranda is our niece who is always willing to help when I need her...Thank You Miranda for all the help you have given me over the last couple of years. Love ya!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Alaina

My middle child turned 3 on the 10th. Alaina, you are my little shy bear, my angel bear, my rotten daredevil. You have scared me and your daddy more than we care to be scared and you are only three. You are full of life and joy and stubborn ownryness all in one.

You took your time deciding that you wanted to come into this world but when you decided you wanted to come out you came out. Youve been the same way every since. You dont do anything that you dont want to do until you want to do it and then there is no stopping you.

You arent scared of anything but scissors (the scar on your finger says why) and flyswatters...(inside joke). When Bubba Jack plays outside with you, your the one that wants more more more.....When he is tired and dizzy, you want to keep going.

You are my cuddle bear. You like to be snuggled and safe in mommy and daddys arms. But your getting so big. So big.

I am so happy that you are my daughter. I cant wait until you grow up and see how you turn out. My dardevil snuggly bear!

Happy third birthday.

(I dont have any pictures on this computer of Alaina when she was a baby but here are some recent photos of her. )

okay,,,blogger will not let me upload pictures right now so i will up load them later....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


All right I know I am late in posting my birthday wishes to my son. But I just really really dont want to deal with the fact that he turned 1! Yes Yes he is officially 1 Has been for 5 days now and I still dont want to admit it. But sadly I have too. But before I get going on how sweet he is, I have updates on my house....I finally got alot of my spring cleaning done!!! Hurray! Thats why I havent been blogging alot. Jack and I scheduled a day and rolled up our sleeves, put the girls at the table with crayons and coloring books (until we moved the table..) and Jason was trapped in his playpen for a whole day....no kidding, my niece came over with her kids about 3:30 and was going to visit but said she would come back at another time..lol. We got the Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Girls Bedroom and their bathroom completely cleaned and moved around. I also got alot of paper work caught up on and got the girls clothes gone through. It feels so much nicer in here now and since it is clean, it wont be hard to keep clean and we are week ahead on our zone cleaning so we dont have to worry about keeping up this week, we can relax after our long day of cleaning. THANK YOU JACK!

Now on to my birthday boy! I cant believe my last baby is 1. Its just unreal. This time last year, (almost exactly) I was so scared because you were sick. You had Jaundice and gave us quite a scare with it. But considering we werent even supposed to have you, I was thinking God for getting you here safe and sound. See, we were through having babies after Alaina. Your daddy thought he was too old to have anymore and I honestly didnt think my body could take one more pregnancy. It doesnt take the extra weight and hormones too well. But God decided that I could handle one more baby and that your daddy wasnt too old to have more. He decided we needed you. And from the day I found out I was pregnant with you I rejoiced. I thanked God for one more. One more chance to be a mother and one more chance to have a little boy of my own. You were our "uh-oh" but you were the best uh oh we could have.

When you were born, it was a very bittersweet moment. It was joyous because we had another precious bundle to love and care for and we had a little boy! But it was sad because I knew that I would never go through that again (not by my choice anyway). I wanted to treasure you and keep you little forever. But alas, I am having to let you grow up. I am having to let my little uh oh become a big uh oh. And ironically, one of your first words was uh oh.

Over the past year, you have went from being mommas big snuggler to my little roamer. You love to roam all over the house now and see what you can find. You are always getting something you arent supposed to have and saying"uh-oh" cause you know you arent supposed to have it. But even though you are such a big boy now, you still like Momma to hold you when you go to bed. Our little night time routine is so precious to me. And the way you like to wake daddy up when he gets to sleep in is so cute. You look over the edge of your bed and say uh-oh..and up up. And if that dont work, you scream DA DA!

Youve always been a smiler, since day one you have smiled. Not much makes you upset and that is good. I dont know if I could take much more upset in this house. I've always told everyone you are a good baby, and you are. The only time you get fussy is when you are hungry or really really sleepy.

I know we will miss your little years and always wonder where they went, but I cant wait to see what kind of man you grow up to be. I really think you will be a sweetie.

Following is a slide show.....I could not get photo bucket to load it on this post. Sorry!