I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Meanderings

I know I havent posted in a while but I am going to try to do better.  I havent ever done the Monday Meanderings before but thought that I would give it a try. 

Bible Study
Studying the book of James

Memory Verse
Prov. 31:26  "She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her toungue is the law of kindness."

Husband Encouragement
Bake another batch of Chocolate Chip cookies.  Write SHMILY somewhere he can see it when he gets up. 

Train Them Up
* Work on establishing routines again after their visit to granny's..
* Work on praising them for their good works......The have been such good helpers and I dont tell them enough how good they are.

Must Do
* Order books for Church
* Finish ordering Christmas Presents
* Finish Alainas scarf and start blanket
* Enjoy the week of Thanksgiving with the family

Not doing a zone this week,  its a vacation week and we are going to bake and enjoy the cool weather and our new kittens.

Monday- Nachos, Cookies
Tuesday- Chicken and Dumplings
Wednesday- Tacos  Apple Pie
Thursday - Thanksgiving
Friday- Leftovers with Friends
Saturday- Salad and Ham Salad Sanwiches

Fun Things
* Going hunting with my hubby this week. The kids are all finally old enough that our niece can baby sit for a couple of hours at a time. 
* Putting the kids pilgrims and little indians together.
* Playing with our new kittens.
*Cooking with my kids
*Enjoying Family time.

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