I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was going to post some pictures on here today but Blogger is not letting me. I will try to get them posted next week WE are going to my familys for the holidays and they have dial up internet and I am too impatient to try to work with that so for now, I leave you with this....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Crystals Chicken Enchilada Soup.

I was running low on groceries the other night and my dear oldest child and his fiance had fixed what I had on the menu for that night, but a different night...so essentially, my groceries werent there to fix what I had planned (I thanked them for fixing supper that night but wondered how I was going to replace this meal..lol) Well, looking through my freezer and my pantry, this is what I came up with....

2 frozen bonless skinless chicken breast.
3 cans cream of mushrrom soup
1 soup can of milk
1 can Rotel
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
Salt to taste,
1/4 lb Velveeta, cubed.
Leftover tortilla chips and tortillas.
Sour Cream

I put a can of soup in the bottom of the crock pot, put the chicken breast on top of it, poured in the other two cans of soup, milk and rotel. Added spices. Stir. Cook on High for 4-6 hrs. At about 5 hours (before if you want...) I added the Velveeta and came back and stirred one or two times.

I was hoping for a thick mixture to make enchiladas out of but it turned out really soupy. So we just put some tortilla's and tortilla chips in a bowl and added soup and sour cream. Yummmmmm My hubby loved it and even my picky oldest child ate two bowls. I think if I fix it again though, I will double it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My unannounced blogging break...and my 300th post!

Yeah I guess I have been on a break, unannounced yes but very needed. I dont know when I will get back to regular posting. This is my 300th post though! Interesting, I had no idea I had posted so much or so little depending on how you look at it.

My blogging time has been taken up with time with the kids and at night, my extra time has been occupied with ..... are you ready for this? "The Love DARE"! We started doing this 11 days ago and it is going great. Paul and I wanted to do it, and with Jack and Amber getting married in January, they are joining in.

A few words about it, when we decided to do it, the first few days it seemed that the Devil was trying his hardest to keep us from succeeding, but once we realized this and said "GET BEHIND ME SATAN" it was so easy to read the dare each night and the next day, actually use what we had read to better our relationship, and not to say that there arent little spats..here and there, and Paul and I have actually realized that over the past 6 months, we have actually been doing alot of this stuff, just to try to make our marriage better, without a book, but this book is helping so much.... I encourage anyone to try it, whether you think you have a good "Unconditional Love" marriage or not, try it. 40 days and you wont regret it...

On other notes, I am almost through with my Christmas preperations. I have a few more gifts to finish up and some food to make and I will be done. I hope to finish it up this week and then Monday and Tuesday will be spent packing for our trip south to my parents for the Holidays.... I am so excited, I get to see my family.

Other than that, there is not much more to report and I am out of time for today. I have to get back to my projects and get food ready for Bible Study tonight.

Much Love and Blessings and Happy Holidays to all...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A full plate...

In light of my Sisters Blogging break, just a bit of wisdom..

If you take a plate, (in my case, I need a huge plate..) a regular size dinner plate out of your cabinet. Put it on the table. Take a piece of paper, and cut 1x1 squares out of it. (I neede three pieces of paper). On these 1x1 squares, write what you have to do in your life...your day to day living. Such as , daily bible reading or as I call it, my quiet time. write down dishes, floors, laundry, homeschool if you do this, work if you go to work, write each kids name on a different square, write your spouses name on a square, groceries, bills, anyone that you visit on a regular basis, PTA meetings if your child is in school...homeschool coop, homeschool kids play day, moms night out, CHURCH!!!! hunting,

Anything that is considered a to do for you. write each item or person on a square....

Now take a piece of paper....write GOD on it in big bold letters. place this sheet on the plate...now pile all your 1x1 squares on top of the paper. Do they fall off of the plate? Can you still see GOD underneath everything? I couldnt.

Now take it all off except GOD. And slowly sort through them and put only the important ones on there....but make sure you can see GOD through it all.....

This was my new priorities....

Paul, Jack, Kylie, Alaina, Jason, House (this included laundry, dishes, cooking), playday, moms night out, mom, dad, mom2, dad2, CHURCH, hunting.

I could still see GOD through this...If I added one more thing, then I couldnt see God through it. So I stuck with this. If you are wondering why I put Church closer to the end, it is because our Church pretty much takes care of itself. Yeah we have activities. but I am not soley in charge of anything, we all work together to get stuff done. I put my parents and pauls parents on there because they are getting older and I feel I need to check up on them more often. God, Paul, the kids (which includes teaching them and being a mom,) take up most of my time. We have play day once a month and moms night out once a month. They dont take up that much time.

Jack is going to be getting married in January. So while I will still worry about him as any parent would, I wont have the sole responsibility for him anymore, so he will come off of my top priorities.....not saying I dont love him, but he wants to get out on his own and grow up and make his mistakes and learn from them. So I am going to try to let him. But with him off of my plate, does that mean I am going to add another one....no, I am going to use my extra time to spread out between the other priorities and myself....

So there, do this, see what all you have going. I wish I could remember where I found it but I cant so just trust me on this one....It is a real eye opener...



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Holiday Songs

I just couldnt resist putting Holiday songs on my music player already. I am going to put more songs on as I find them and yes I love the Chipmunks they are so cute. But if you dont like them, then just mute the sound....


Friday, November 21, 2008

Lifting Hands Weekly Prayers

I came across this while reading past prayers on Lifting Hands....

Teach me Your ways, enable me to obey Your commandments and do only what is pleasing in Your sight. May the beauty of Your Spirit be so evident in me that I will be a godly role model. Amen.

"The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him." Proverbs 20:7

Week of Oct 26, 2008.

I know there are alot of times that I am not a Godly example for my children. I Know I could be better. Maybe doing the prayers off of this blog during the week will help me.



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some things I have found lately..

What little time I have had on the computer here lately has been spent doing school stuff and research for a friend. But I have had a few extra minutes with sick kids piled up on the couch and resting. So here are some things I have found that I have started trying to do but not neccesarily posting about as I just dont have the time.

I will be putting a button on my sidebar too. I think this is a great idea. Praying for your kids seven times a day seven days a week.

The Love Dare! This is a wonderful thing to do. Paul and I plan on seeing the movie this weekend if possible (babysitters...) and we are going to take Jack and Amber and then we plan on doing the 40 day challenge. We are even thinking about getting the Couples Kit to do...

Making Your Home a Haven! I love this. I have been working on my home, not in the exact order she has because I didnt find this before yesterday but it is a really neat plan. Please go over and take a look.

My sister has a daybook. The idea was from the Simple womans daybook..but altered to fit her needs. I have been doing this and tweaking it as I go....I havent been poting it but I have been doing it.

And my all time favorite recipe that I tried this week! Autumn Chowder from Heritage Schoolhouse. Oh you must try this...it is delicious..everyone in our house loved it.

Blessings to all..


Monday, November 10, 2008

Changes in our Life...

Our house is full of changes here lately. But before I get into them, I want to say a little about the weekend meeting that we attended at the church that I grew up in. We left Friday afternoon to go down to it, before we had even made it an hour, my glasses broke...so we had to go to a wal mart vision center to have the lenses put in new frames....well, they messed up my lenses so now I am having headaches...and I have to get new glasses anyway. It was an awful evening, we did not even make it to Church Friday night.

Saturday, we went to a fall festival and seen lots of beautiful stuff and ate wonderful food. Saturday evening services, we got to listen to a wonderful man speak and boy did he step on my toes... Lets just say that after his lesson, My day Friday was WONDERFUL!!!! Did you hear that JERRY? WONDERFUL!

Jerry spoke about how we are not supposed to let others or events dictate how our day is. And we gripe about our days and we gripe about what we have to do but JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS!!!! HE HUNG ON A CROSS WITH NAILS IN HIS HANDS AND FEET AND A CROWN OF THORNS ON HIS HEAD FOR US AND WE GRIPE ABOUT BEING TIRED!!!!

Nope No more Jerry, I wont gripe...My days are wonderful and marvelous and I am doing great...lol.

I am sure that Jerry had more points in his lesson, and I am sure that they were great also. And I do remember alot of them...this is just the one that stepped on my toes the hardest. I also had three or four kids around me making noise so I couldnt hear all that well...but I am not griping, their sounds are so musical.

The changes in our life have been for the better we think. Last week, my parents took the girls home with them for 3 days. I managed to get alot done around the house without them. I organized my file cabinets, I organized their room, my room, went through a bunch of clothes, got homeschool stuff caught up on and done lots of Bible reading.

When we came home from the meeting, Jacks fiance came home with us. He is going to be staying in our camp trailer and she will be staying with us until their wedding. (This is cheaper than driving 4 hours each way to see each other...they need to save all they can. ) So we are adjusting to having her here...not real hard since she fits right in.

We are adjusting to having Daddy home more since he has not been working as much and with that comes adjusting to not as much money. Its tough but in the spirit of Jerrys lesson, we are still alive and eating... :) See I'm smiling Jerry...Its a good day..

The Church group where we went saw the movie FIREPROOF this weekend. Paul and I did not get to go because we had to come back home and get him ready for work today. They said it was awesome...and we want to go see it...Please theater have it this weekend...(we live in a little town with a one movie theater.. THANK GOD FOR THE ONE MOVIE!!!) Just please let it be FireProof this week... anyway, Julie wrote about it.

I am going to try to write more inspirational and helpful stuff on this blog.....I just feel the need to get our Christian viewpoints out there. So we will see what I come up with.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pictures from our Campout at Church!!!

Our Fall Church Campout!!!!!

This is what we started out the evening doing....laying block around the bottom of the building.. My Hubby and Robert (a very dear friend of ours..)

Setting up the tents...That is my Alaina bear and Mark (a new guy at Church.) I think she was chasing Ethan....lol.

The kids and Keith getting the fire going....

The little Fire Bug of the Night....keeping the fire going...

Curious Monsters arent they.. :)

Kristy and I being silly with Cameras... and Lil Rob in the background...although he isnt so little anymore... (sigh)

These two boys (Alex and Sammy) have more fun scaring the girls....even when they are not dressed up... and "Dorthy"...aka Alison

Almost time to cook Hot Dogs....yummmmm...(Dorthy, Darrel, Jeremy, Jack, Jake, Keith, Lil Rob)

Waiting on Food...lol Most of the kids are in this pic...and alot of the grown ups...

I'm not sure if Jack was cooking for the kids or for himself....hmmm...Julie and Ali in the background.

The little Fire Bug...lol Ethan. Isnt he a cutie..
I was sittin down holding a sleeping baby and so the pictures arent the best. I do love the scenery from our Church....So pretty,,,even prettier in the mornings when the fog is lifting...Oh what a way to wake up...(Can I live at Church..lol) I was enjoying it so much that I didnt get any pictures of the next morning though...Sorry.
We have Nine kids that regularly attend our Church... ages (9, 7,6, 5, 4, 3(2 of them) 1-1/2, and 10mths) We had guest kids Saturday night and Sunday that were (11, 10, 6,5,3,2,) This is not counting the older kids (Jack and Lil Rob). It was so much fun. We are a very loving family Church...The comment was once made that we spend more time with our Church Family than we do our relatives...and it is true...but that is the way it should be...Your Church Family should be more important..(unless you are like me and your relatives are alot of your Church Family...just not in the same town..lol. )

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Hubby has a blog...

Just wanted to put my husbands blog on here. After months of agrivating me because I have one, he decided he wanted to start one too....

Crucified Christian


Sad Sad Day for America

Please read the following blogs for why I am saying this. I am still too saddend and angry over America's decision last night to say much but these post put it into perspective.





Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pray for our Nation and Vote!

According to the polls this morning, Obama is headed toward our Nations Capital. I urge you to pray for our Nation and pray that the right person is put where we need them. I am heading out to vote this evening. This election scares me. I am really afraid for our nation. So I am praying without ceasing. Please join me.


Monday, November 03, 2008

What we have been up to and Halloween Pictures.

My princess Bear! She was so cute!

My Grown up girl... The story behind this. When I was asking them what they wanted to be for Halloween, Kylie said she wanted to be a Mommy and when I asked her why.... because Mommy's are the best.. (sniff sniff...tears and lots of them..cause I dont think I am a good mommy alot of times. ) So she was a mommy. So pretty and grown up looking....Made her Daddy cry..
And the following pictures are of what we have been up to here lately. Sadly, the kitten whom Kylie claimed as hers and named Pumpkin because we found him in October, passed on this morning. We found him in our yard about 2 weeks ago, (our dog was playing with him.) He seemed to be about 3 weeks old. He was doing great and last week when it got really cold, he got sick....I have been caring for him and trying to keep him going....but he just wasnt strong enough...needless to say, we are having a sad day....he was pretty special..

Jason and Cat Kitty....not Kitty Cat...but Cat Kitty...so cute.

Alaina and pumpkin. She finally warmed up to him scratching her.

Kylie and her kitty. She gets very attached to things. She is my overly sensitive child. I am trying to think of something to make it better....any suggestions...
I have pictures of our Camp out we had at our Church this weekend for Halloween for the kids. I will try to post them later tonight or tommorow. Right now, I have a 5 yr old who needs comforting.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The crew! It is very hard to get them to sit still or even this close together for very long at a time... The girls with Jack riding Molly...

Fun with bubble wrap..Paul had tons of it from work so we have been playing on it on rainy or too cold days..

Jason plays in the Bubble wrap too..he just cant stand it for very long periods of time....

My babies. and yes Alaina almost always has that look on her face..especially when she dont get her way..and Kylie is always that bossy..lol
My baby boy riding molly mule (our uncle Kermits old mule.) with Jesse and Jack helping...He loves horses..I am just too afraid to let him on the bigger ones...I'll take some pics of them in a couple of weekends and you'll see why..lol
I dont think I ever got to share pictures of Kylies Birthday so here are some of that.

Praying over her cupcakes..:)

The Cupcakes

Jason had fun tearing up the bags and stuff....
Alaina opening a puzzle with PaPa and KK on the side..

Kylie and her Granny...This Granny has more fun with them. She is such a big kid...Love Ya Mom...

And that is my pictures for now...I have more I need to get loaded on the computer...but I am haveing lots of other things to do for now...

Many Blessings


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I've been up to..

This is what I have been up to...Paul took Alaina hunting tonight and so I have been playing Life with Kylie. Jason has been watching and throwing things at the board..lol. But we have been having fun and relaxing.


Monday, October 27, 2008


Some thoughts that are going round in my head after my awful...awful...and yes I will say it again....awful day...It really was.

*** My day is not as bad as some peoples. Some people dont have the blessings that I have, some women, dont have the wonderful husband that I do coming home to them at night. I am very blessed.

**** I could have made my day better, I just didnt put the energy into it. I should have...

**** Next time my DR. PEPPER gets spilled, I will take it as a sign from God that I dont need it and go exercise instead of getting upset over spilled "milk".

*** I am having an okay night, my kitten is still alive (had a scary night last night), my kids are being have now, my hubby is home and is so sweet, Jack helped me cook supper so that I wasnt so stressed about that. And I got another DR.PEPPER (see told ya my hubby is sweet)...

***** When I went to the grocery store to get wic, I seen a lady that works there who had a baby in Sept. Her baby is fine, she is back to work, and Jason was happy because he got to see his Peggy...lol.

*** I love the smell of the heaters...It is so comforting and as cold as it is going to get tonight, they are going to be going all night.

*** I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and walls that keep me mostly warm. It is a trailer so it is kinda drafty but hey, I am not homeless and that is a blessing. I feel like I should do something to help them.

**** I have a whole lot of stuff for a yard sale. But I dont like Yard Sales and I get grouchy when I have to have one. I dont mind going to them and shopping, I just dont like having them. So I think I will take all my stuff to a Women in Crisis Center nearby....or ask my Cop Neighbor if He knows anyone who can use it. He works with a lot of homeless and less fortunate people.

***I am glad that I have a cop for a neighbor who is so nice and helpful. If Paul has to go on the road working, It will be very nice to have him close (plus he just went on full disability reserve so he is home now most of the time....instead of out patroling...)

***** I am glad to have Jack here. He is a big help and if Paul goes out on the road, he will be here to help and between him and the cop, I dont feel so scared...(we have some not so good neighbors too...)

****The sound of silence in my house as everyone settles in for the night. The kitten even sleeps all night.

*** And last but not least, I have been struggling here lately with something that I could do to help make money and take some of the burden away from Paul. I have come up with ideas and dreams of going back to college and getting my nursing or pshycology degree (to be a Christian Counselor) but both things require time away from my family that I am not willing to spend just to make a dime...I have prayed about this, gotten angry because I cant do it, gotten mad at my kids because if they werent here, I could do it...or if I put them in school thenI could do it. I have struggled so much with this. Well, Sunday, Paul gave a lesson on Attitude and what our attitude is about what God has given us...Well, it was a lesson packed full of wisdom on several things but what hit me on the head was that I was given a job by God...to be a keeper at Home...to put my heart and soul into being a Godly wife and mother and to teach my kids and to be there for my husband. If HE wanted me to do any other job, HE would have put a way for me to do it. If HE wants me to ever do another job, HE will pave the way. There is no way if I had a job outside the home that I could give this home and my family 100%. My home would turn into just another house...... I make this house a home by having it ready for my family all the time, it is ready for my kids when they get up in the morning, it is ready for my husband when he comes home at night, it is something that we can be a family in...

So I am opening my heart to Gods will and learning to be happy with the lot that I was cast. It isnt what I had planned but it is what I have and what I am. And if I might say so, the hugs and kisses make it worth it.

Oh yeah...and when I was asking what the girls wanted to dress up as for Halloween( we dont do scary costumes...) Alaina wanted to be a princess cause she is fascinated with princesses here lately...and Kylie, well, Kylie being herself, shocked me again as usual..She wants to be a mommy because mommy's are the best..... (tears...tears...). She knows how to pull at this mommas heart...

goodnight to all...and many blessings your way.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on the babies...

Here is an update on Brittany's babies....if you dont know what I am talking about, please read the previous post.

The first baby is named Justin, and the second one is named Richard. Richard is the one that is in Little Rock.

When Justin was born, the placenta tore which cause Richard to be without oxygen for 2-3 minutes...until he was born. In turn, his brain temp got too warm (did you know that the blood in our brain is at least 2 degrees cooler than our body..? Interesting info...). Then because of storms, the medivac flight pilots did not want to fly so Richard did not get to Little Rock in the 6 hrs after his birth that they consider the most optimum time for treatment...instead he got there 12 hrs after. So that added a complication.

They have a thingy ( I dont know what it is called) on him cooling his brain temperature down and on Saturday, they will try to take it off. If his body regulates his brain temperature, then they will do brain scans to see how much damage if any is done. They are predicting some but dont know how much. If he cant regulate his temperature, then the thingy stays on for another few days.

Please keep praying as we all know the power of God. We all know that this baby can be healed. Please pray for little Richard. Please pray for Justin he is crying without his womb mate, and please pray for Brittany and her boyfriend Justin as they go through this together...I am praising him today because he hasnt left her side through any of this. He is going to be an amazing daddy... Please Please Pray!


ps....I guess I should explain that I feel so involved because this is Jacks little sister that I have know for going on 6 yrs now. I have got to watch her grow just as I have Jack...she was the little girl that when I went to pick him up for the weekend, had to come say hi and give me hugs and always had to say hi to the babies (Kylie and Alaina..) She is a sweet girl and is trying hard to be agood parent to her babies...even though they are only hours old....She was a good mom the whole time she was pregnant..But anyway, just please pray.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prayers please!

I have a special prayer request tonight. If I offend anyone by this post I am not apologizing, I know I made my share of mistakes growing up.

Jacks sister (by his mom) Brittany, gave birth to twin boys today. She is only 15. I am asking for prayers for her and her babies. The first one, is doing great. Weighed 5lbs 11oz and I could hear him crying on the phone when Jack called. The second one, was having alot of problems breathing and (Jacks description) when he was born, his brain temperature was too warm. Her placenta tore when the first one was born also so that added complications. I dont know what he weighed or anything. They have taken the second baby to Little Rock. Brittany is quiet upset as you can imagine that she cant be with her baby tonight.

I know she is only 15, she knows that she made a mistake but she is just as capable as anyone else of recieving Gods forgivness. Though I have to admire her because she is keeping them, still going to school, and is not backing down on going to college. She has had a pretty tough life and she is determined to make it better for her kids. Her boyfriend is in the picture, he was right there by her when she had them and they are planning on getting married. She has spent the better part of the last two months in the hospital going in and out of labor so it hasnt been easy.

Just please pray for her and the babies...and for Jack, he is staying by her side as any good brother would do. He may be going to Little Rock with her tommorow because none of her or her boyfriends parents are going.

Babies are Gods little Blessings....



I am so frustrated with Blogger right now. I have been wanting to upload pictures for a while and it wont let me. Everytime I get to the point that it says it is loading it freezes...but anyway, I will try to get some pictures posted soon...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Have you ever just sat down and read Psalms....REALLY read it?

Just my thought for the day...


Monday, October 20, 2008

Healing the Land.

Yesterday in Church, a Brother brought up this scripture.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (King James Version)

14If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We are always praying for our Nation and that God will put who he deems worthy in office...This verse just says alot.

Please pray for our nation!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday at my house.

Sunday at my House....

My quiet solitude is interupted by my husbands rustling pages as he prepares his lesson for today. (not that I mind :) )

I can smell the coffee making in the kitchen..ummm...

I can hear the new kitten meowing becasue he just wants to cuddle.

I can see the fog lifting off of the yard.

I can feel the crisp cool air of fall...

Uh-oh Kids are waking up...time to get into the Sunday routine of getting ready for Church.


Friday, October 17, 2008


I found this on Darcy's Blog. Very Moving.. Please listen.

You will have to pause my music to listen...sorry :(

Monday, October 13, 2008


Our week last week was so crazy. We actually did have half of the stuff that I had planned but not the other half. Just imagine, half the week with teenagers in and out and the other half...calm...lol. But it was great. Loved it.

So this week, we are still working on getting some of that food made. We have a trip planned for Wednesday and of course hunting whenever we can go. I refuse to go hunting if I dont have something planned for Supper that Paul can just put on plates for the kids. I dont like him having to cook for them. So on nights that I go hunting, I try to have one dish meals or soemthing simple. Remember also that I buy and plan for two weeks so I always start with Sunday and end with a Saturday.

I am still using recipes off of Razzle Dazzle. My sis recommended it and I love it.

Sunday--we ate out because we worked at Church and bought groceries

Monday-- Cassarole (recipe below.)

Tuesday--Pork Chops in Gravy over rice

Wednesday--Trip...eat on the road.

Thursday--Crockpot Tamale Cassarole.

Friday--Frito Chili Pie (Chili cooked in Crockpot)

Saturday--Chicken Noodle Soup (Chicken cooked in Crockpot)

Sunday-- Spaghetti (Sauce cooked in Crockpot)

Monday--Crockpot Chicken and Velveeta Cassarole

Tuesday--Soup (In Crockpot) (made with leftover grilled backstrap and whatever else I find :) )

Wednesday--Eight Layer Cassarole


Friday--Homemade Pizza or Crockpot Pizza (recipe link to come later.)

Saturday--Crockpot Swiss steak

Recipe-- The cassarole I am making tonight is just a simple one. I take 1lb of ground beef, 2 boxes of Mac and Cheese and 1 can of rotel. Cook the beef (add any spices you want). Cook the Mac and cheese according to package directions Mix in 1 can rotel with about half of the juice. Mix with beef, put in cassarole dish and sprinkle with bacon bits. (My husband likes the bacon bits...) I bake this for about 10 minutes on 350. Sometimes I will add just tomatoes and onions instead of rotel. There is different variations that I have seen. But it is a hit whenever I make it and it feeds all of us so. :)

I am hoping that there arent too many changes to my menu this week. It gets hectic around here sometimes. Can you tell I love my Crockpot? :)


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack!

I know I said this would get put on here yesterday but you know we got really busy with doing stuff with Birthday Boy.

Jack, my eldest. Even though I did not carry you for nine months and take care of you for the firt years of yoru life, you are my son. But you know that. You know that I love you like you are my own.

To watch you grow from that little kid who stood by and told his daddy that whereever I went you were going. To watch the little boy who was so fascinated with making weapons out of sticks, and racing through the yard with your homemade toys...all the store bought ones in pieces because you had to find out how they worked...and then didnt put them back together.

Watching you skateboard and ride your bike....but not just anybike, a trick bike..one that you could go airborne and jump and flip and all kinds of things that made my mommas heart stop.

I was there when you were baptized. I have got to watch you grow as a Christian. My heart cried and ached when you fell away.....but oh it rejoiced and sang when you came back. And just as usual, you didnt come back slowly, you took it by force and are now someone to be reckoned with. You defend your faith and you are so proud to be a Christian. You gave your first lesson at Church Sunday and if you seen tears in my eyes, it was because I couldnt have been prouder. You were awesome. I think someday you are going to be an excellent preacher....you have the ability to move people.

I have watched you grow from a boy who just wanted a girlfriend to say he had one, to caring so much for one girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Even though I am not quite ready to turn you lose, you couldnt have let God give you a better girl. I will cry when I have to let you go, but I will be so glad because you have her and God.

So much like your daddy you are. You are so very passionate about your family and your jobs as part of the family. You take so much on your shoulders even when you dont have to. You are turning into such a wonderful man.

So now to quit being sappy because I know you dont like all the sappy stuff, Jus tknow that Your Dad and I Love You and I wish you all the best in your life. You have alot of dreams and I hope you get to live them. Thank You for being my Son.

Love You
Mom (Crystal)

Monday, October 06, 2008


I said our menu was likely to change. It did. But that is okay, I was able to rearrange and not buy anything extra. Most of my Crockpot recipes are coming from Razzle Dazzle Recipes .

So Here is our new Menu for this week.

Sunday--WE had leftovers and if you wanted it cook it night...lol

Monday--Backstrap got moved to this night cause Jack wanted it for his Birthday...so he is supposed to grilll...but it is raining so..

Tuesday--Shephards Pie

Wednesday--Crockpot Tamale Cassarole(Bible Study)

Thursday--Beans and Cornbread and Fried Potatoes

Friday--Chili (probably frito chili pie...)

Saturday--Pork chops in Gravy/Mashed Potatoes.

The Eight Layer Cassarole was a Hit! and so was the Swiss Steak in the Crockpot. I used my Crockpot 5 out of the 7 days last week either for the main dish or for a side dish. I love it. I went to look at new crock pots and couldnt find one that I just really wanted. So I will wait.

There will be a Birthday Post on here for Jack later. He is 18 today! His day started out bad though....he spent the night with his granny last night and his stereo got stolen out of his truck. So please pray his day gets better.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Morning thoughts! & Husaband Encouragement!!!

"Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing" (James 1:3-4). KJV

This was the scripture in my daily devotion from Alpha Omega this morning. Head on over to Wonderful Words of Life to read more!

On Heartlight's Todays Verse, Phil Ware talks about Isaiah 10:1-2 Very interesting thoughts. Have I become too worried with "stuff"?

Ann over at A Holy Experience has a great post on family knots

And my Sis had this post a couple of days ago.

Just some interesting places I visited this morning.


My dear hubby this morning let me sleep in. He turned my alarm off and got up, made coffee and kept quiet while I gained some much needed sleep. What a wonderful man! There has been a struggle within our family (Not Paul and I) but it has affected our lives the last few days. Paul has been my stronghold, constantly reminding me that I have to let God take care of it. We can pray and help if asked but we have to put it in Gods hands. He has let me cry and rage and overall be a complete grouch without saying so much as a word to stop me. I am so grateful for my husband..He is my rock...(After God of course..which he keeps reminding me of..lol) Sweety, I love You and Thank You so much for being there and for helping me..I know you are hurting just as bad as I am...but you are putting me first after God and altghough that is how it is supposed to be, I feel so unworthy.

That has been my morning thoughts, and now, I am off to enjoy a day with my kids. After we finish our initial school and cleaning assignments for today, I am going to make curtains and aprons and we are going to immerse ourselves in Little Cabin In the Big Wood..for like the third time through. HAVE A BLESSED DAY!


Monday, September 29, 2008


Our menu this week is all mixed up. I am trying a few new recipes, we are finishing up using summer stuff out of the freezer and of course we have to throw in breakfast a couple of nights.

Monday-Steaks on the Grill, Baked Potatoes

Tuesday- Spaghetti and Meatballs, green beans, garlic cheese bread

Wednesday- Crockpot Swiss Steak, Mashed Potatoes, sweet peas.

Thursday- Backstrap (either fried or on the grill) Fried Potatoes, Corn

Friday--Chicken Noodle Soup (If I go hunting, they will have oatmeal :) )

Saturday-Bar-B-Que on a bun, potatoe salad

Sunday-Crockpot Tamale Cassarole , Chips and Salsa ( I will be omitting the pork from this recipe..)

Monday- Meat Loaf Mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans

Tuesday-Pinto Beans, Cornbread, Fried Potatos

Wednesday - (Bible Study) Eight Layer Cassarole

Thursday- Grilled Cheese and French Fries

Friday--Breakfast, Sausage, Eggs, Biscuits, Gravy

Saturday--Pork Chops in Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Blackeyed peas, green beans.

I usually go buy groceries every two weeks on Saturday so Sunday starts all over again. Of course our menu is likely to change if my dear hubby decides he wants something, I try to fix it for him.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My kids newest favorite song!

Edited to add! You will have to pause my music on my sidebar to hear this video. I have moved my music up to just below my About Me spot just for this purpose...so you dont have to scroll all the way down... Thank You!

This is currently my kids favorite song! I happen to love it also. It is so upbeat and cheerful. My husband actually likes it too. I really love this groups music. Its kind of funny to drive down the road with our windows down and playing this song. And when it is over and another starts to come on, what do I hear but "We want By and By momma....by and by....no..by and by. Thank You Momma..." Followed by their best version of this song.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bluberry Bread

I finally got around to making this bread. It is delicious! Wonderful! The girls suggested that I not put so many blueberries in it next time. I had to agree, although it was delicious and I will make it again, I wont put so many blueberries in it. But it is a hit.

I am getting stuff ready for Church tommorow. We are going to mow after Church and we usually have lunch. I like to get stuff ready on Saturday night so I dont have to rush around on Sunday morning to get it done. I just wanted to share this recipe while I was thinking about it.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Husband Praise!

I know I havent been doing my daily Husband Encouragement on here...but I have been doing it.

But for now, lets just say that he is so good. He went out early this morning to do an extra job for bill money and when he came home, he decided that he was going to take Jack to get a new phone...(his broke last week...plus other issues with it...) So instead of just him and Jack going, he took all the little ones too. We were doing chores and fixing to do school but hey, they get to go with Daddy, we can always do school this evening. When He gets back, he is going to do another side job and maybe this evening we will watch a movie if he is not too tired.

And I get an hour of quiet rest. I am off to get a much awaited long shower and to read some of a new book.

I love my darling wonderful husband. He takes great care of us and knows just when I need a break. Love Ya Baby!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picutres and Menu

Okay, I had a slide show up here and it keeps messing up so I will try to get the pictures posted later today. Right now, I am off to get lunch prep going and get school started and then we have an appointment that we have to be at at 11:00 and then some errands to run. I have Chili in the CrockPot for supper and will pick up some Fritos for Frito Chili Pie.

Our Menu has been consisting of whatever we can fix cheap. Mostly, just eating what is in the freezer and pantry.

Monday--(we had a Mexican Dish that Aunt Ducky sent over and Refried Beans...I cooked 2 lbs of beans in the crockpot and divided them. Refried Beans, Chili and 1Gallon still in the freezer for later. )

Tuesday-- Frito Chili Pie

Wednesday-- Bar-B-Que Roast, Potatoe Salad, Green Beans

Thursday--Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Blackeyed Peas

Friday--(I am having a Wisdom Tooth Pulled maybe....) Grilled Cheese, Potatoe Cakes

Saturday-- Beef Pot Pie or Shephards Pie (with leftover roast)


Monday--Breakfast either biscuits and gravy or pancakes

Tuesday--Ckicken Noodle Soup

Wednesday--Hamburger Steak Supreme

Thursday--Chicken pot pie

Friday-- Steak on the Grill (if not raining) Potatoes, Corn on the Cob (last summer meal)

Saturday--(quick night) Fish Sticks and French Fries

Sunday Breakfast---Oatmeal or Malt O Meal ( I know weird arent we....lol)

I will try to share some recipes later. But for right now, I have to go get some stuff ready. My alarm hasnt been going off in the mornings so I am running an hour behind.

Many Blessings

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall Weather

The above pictures were taken last fall. Hard to believe he has gotten so big.

Okay, 70 for a high today and 48 for a low tonight....Sound like FALL to anyone else? We are so excited around here. Even though I have pulled a muscle in my back, we have been doing really good with getting stuff done. I have my fall decorations out now and we have gone through the girls clothes and found out that Kylie needs some new clothes for fall/winter, she has grown so fast. (she also has a tooth that is lose....my baby is getting so big...I just wanted to cry when she told me...) I still need to go through Jasons clothes and mine but we are doing one thing at a time.
Browned Butter Bread Pudding Sounds delicious..I am going to have to try it.

Some websites that Have some great ideas for fall. I am anxious to try some of them.

and of course always visit Kelli over at There's No Place Like Home for lots of pretty and yummy fall treats. I just love visiting her site, she always has something creative and pretty or yummy to show.

Many Blessings

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Can you tell what I am ready for? I am so ready for Fall! I was going to do the camo background but decided to try this one instead for a while.

I will hopefully be back to posting before too long. But for now, everyone enjoy getting ready for Fall, I know we are. We get to get our decorations out today and put them out. The girls are so excited.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Baby Drew!

This is for everyone that reads Julies blog too. She called me this morning and her water is leaking so she is going to the hospital to see what is going on. We are heading there also so that we can be there if she has Baby Drew today. I will update as soon as I get home or to a computer that I can update on. I will also try to update on her blog so be sure to check both.

Keep her in your prayers..


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Kylie

Today is my Kylie Bears 5th Birthday!

And what is neat is it was 5 yrs ago on a Wednesday that she was born.

I cant believe how big she has gotten. And how much she has changed over the last few months. It is like she went from little girl to big girl all of a sudden.

Kylie, you are unique. You are a pretty princess, deer hunter, "frog hunter", momma's big girl, daddys baby, litte momma to your brother and sister and oh so smart!

It is you who I am learning with, you who is teaching me what it is like to be a mom. Its you who tells me when I mess up and when I do good. You are so silly sometimes and at others, you are very serious and your not going to joke about anything.

I love having you at home all the time. I love how you want to help me cook and learn to sew and how you play princess, and then campout.

I never would have guessed 5 yrs ago that I could feel this much love towards somebody else. But you (and your brothers and sister) have shown me that I can. I cant wait to see what you do in the next year and the rest of your life. You are going to go far as long as you hold onto your dreams.

I love you Kylie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Bracelet!

I just wanted to share the Bracelet that I recieved. It was a door prize for the Heart of The Matter Online Homeschool Conference.
It is the Teach Your Children Bracelet. (Click on the picture to go to the site). I love it. The picture does not do it justice. It is so beautiful. The colored jewels in the center are birthstones for your children so I had my kids birthstones put there.
The bracelet is based upon the bible verse from Deuteronomy 6: 5-7: "Love the LORD your God with all your heart [heart with cross charm] and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give to you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them upon your children [ABC charm]. Talk to them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." (taken from the Share Your Story website).
Anyway, Just wanted to share this with you. Hope you all are having a very blessed week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging Break!

I have decided that I need a break. I have lots of projects to do....some aprons to make, dishtowels to crochet, a hat to knit (kylies christmas present..if I can get it to turn out right...). I have a quilting machine to get busy using, hunting stuff to get ready..( I know a little early but this weather is making me ready for fall...)

I need to start taking pictures with my new camera (which I got for half price..which was exactly the amount I had saved for one.. :) ) so I can get better at it and hopefully take good enough ones to sell and make some extra money...

And I have a nephew coming pretty soon that I want to be ready to go see. I want my house to be ready when they call to say he is on his way so that I can just load the kids up in the car and take off. It is a 2 hour drive from here to the hospital where she will have him and I havent missed being there for one of hers yet. I was three weeks away from having Alaina when she had Claire and Jason was two months old when she had Lily. I wouldnt miss this one for the world....as long as its Gods will that I be there. But I am going to do everything I can to be there.

And I have several Birthdays this month so I am going to be quite busy. Pauls is the 24th, Kylie's is the 27th, A friend of ours is the 26th, I know someones is the 22nd, I just cant remember who right now..lol. We had a birthday at Church the other day and the 29th is another friend of ours. Plus with Julies little boy due during this time.. And we have an archery shoot at a friends house this month also...just a bunch of friends getting together to shoot bows but fun anyway....

I also need to get curriculum ordered and plans put into place. We will not be starting this month but I would like to have it ready.

And Paul has several extra jobs lined up to do to make up for not working...( he is such a wonderful provider for our family.) God is so good to give me such a wonderful Husband and my kids such a Wonderful Daddy.

For those of you that read my sisters blog, our dad did have a surgery done on Friday to clean out some blockages in his leg. They found a baseball size blockage in his leg and a lesion in the other leg. He was in surgery for 2.5 hours and then in CICU for 8 hours (they put him there to watch him for complications....) Paul and I went up to be with Mom during the surgery. My sister Tammy and her husband and two of their kids were there (Thank you Tammy and George and Sarah and Rose for being there to help with my kids and for staying with Momma....) Also one of our aunts and her husband was there...(Thank you Aunt Emma Lou and Uncle Lester.....for everything). Julie wasnt able to make it...it is a four hour drive for them and mom and dad and tammy and george and a three hour drive for us from a different direction. We didnt want to risk Julie going into Labor.....speaking of which...Thank You to Jesse and Michael for watching over Aunt Julie while everyone was gone...(they were quite scared that she was going to have to be taken to the hospital and they were the only ones home to do it...they are 18 and 19 .....just imagine...lol) But anyway, Dad came through okay. It is just scary to see your childhood (and still sometimes ) hero...in that predicament. He is supposed to be strong and able to scare the monsters away and for him to be hooked up to machines and pretty much helpless.....its tough. I know it is just life and I know that it happens and it is just the way life goes...but like I told Paul. That's my daddy, hes not supposed to get sick....hes just not. He's always been strong....

And yes, Pauls mom did have a heart attack last month. I know Julie posted about it on her blog. I have just been so busy and she is okay. Nothing like her stroke in February. She has been undergoing test and stuff to make sure everything is okay. But thank you all for your prayers. She is one special lady...like I have said before. I have been blessed in this life with many sets of parents and grandparents. My inlaws are more like my parents than my inlaws.

Please keep Julie in your prayers that she may have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Please keep my dad in your prayers that he may continue to recover. Please pray for my mommy(inlaw) that she may not have any more heart attacks or strokes and that she may regain her strength and health. Please pray for me that when Julie does have her baby that if it be Gods will that I may be able to be there with her. And please pray that He continues to bless Paul with the extra jobs he has.

Also a special prayer request. I have a friend from Church (I think I have posted on here about her before) Her husband has been stationed in Japan for the last two years. They found out earlier this year that their two year old little boy is autistic. They have been restationed to Missouri. They are able to get better help for their little boy stateside than over there. They are also now only 5 hours from family instead of overseas. Please pray that the move goes smoothly for them and that their little boy adjust well and that they are able to get the help he needs over here. They are a very sweet Godly family and I'm sure would appreciate all the prayers they can get. I for one cant imagine what they are dealing with.....I know God only gives us what we can handle...but I dont know if I would have the strength to handle alot of things He gives to others....But please keep this family in your prayers. I am so glad to have them back stateside and to be renewing my friendship with them. I cant tell you how much I have missed them in the past few years.

I will probably not be back until September at least. I will try to post pics of Julies baby when it is born and I will probably post pics for Kylies birthday but other than that...I will be busy as you can tell...

Prayers, Blessings and Christian Love to all....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Training my Children

Prov 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (KJV) Bible.

In my quest to figure out how to train my children I discovered as I posted about yesterday, that I need to teach them Love first. I have been praaying about it and thinking about it and trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with my kids. Where did I go wrong? A year ago, my kids were willing helpers around the house and they were very obedient. Yes they threw the occasional temper tantrum and yes they were what most people say "just being kids" but overall, I didnt have that many problems with them.

Well in all my thinking and praying and reading my Bible, I had another thought. I thought of how my sister would handle this, how she would figure it out. Julie has always turned to books...(no offense Julie, you are way more knowledgable than me...and books help alot. ) Not saying that she turns only to books, she prays and she reads her Bible alot. But she does have alot of books that I would love to read. She always has insight into stuff that I have questions about. So in thinking this, I started to go through my books. I stumbled upon a binder that I had been putting together for the past couple of years (until Jason was born actually....) It was my parenting binder...silly I know but it was.

In this binder, I have several, okay lots, of articles printed out from different websites that helped me in training my children. I realized that I need to reread and integrate (slowly, dont want to put too much on them at once) some of these points into our routine (when we finally get one...lol). So I am going to share the websites that I got these articles from. I am sure you probably already know most or all of them but maybe like me, you have forgotten them. I am also hopefully later today going to put links back up in my sidebar.

Above Rubies They have far more than just training your children. They have alot of encouragement and help for women.

Raising Godly Tomatoes They actually have a book now in print that you can buy. I am hoping to buy it.

Preschoolers and Peace This site has lots of interesting ideas and helps. Lots of things to keep your kids busy(not idol) and not busy work, but busy while teaching them good habits.

Christian Moms of Many Blessings another site that is just full of help.

Also Kelli had a very good post on parenting today with a couple of very good videos.

I will post more links to websites in my sidebar as I find them. I know that I am just getting started in this topic and I may post on it for a while. It is a topic that has become very important and dear to me. I know that I should have been trianing my kids all along and I think that I was but got lost at some point. I need to get back on track and get my training back underway. I dont mean this to mean that I want to be a tyrant, I just want my kids to mind and not have to be told 20 times to do something. And yeah 20 is a little exaggerating. More like 5 or 6. I know that if I train them right, then I wont have to tell them that many times. But I also know that it wont be easy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things in my head

Scary I know...the things that go around in my head. I have gotten alot of stuff organized around here lately and I have gotten my house back on track. My house, not my home. My kids are still disobeying, they argue, they throw fits and I get really really mad. I get so frustrated that there are days that I ask God "WHY ME?" But then I turn right around and tell Him I am sorry and ask Him to please let me learn patience and let me show my kids that I love them and that they really do mean the world to me.

I have read several blogs in the last few months in which the authors are being very real. I have always been very afraid to be completely real on here. Afraid of what people will think and what they will say about me. But I can't deny that my life is crazy and hectic and that there are days when I really want to throw it all up in the air and go to work and put my kids in school. But those are the days too that something really good happens or they make me laugh and I immediately say I'm sorry and renew my resolve and my purpose of rearing my kids in a loving Godly environment. Which means I can't yell and scream.

It is getting better though these past couple of weeks. I had a thought hit me one day....(yeah they do that just hit me all of a sudden).... I have been looking at Character Training sites. I have found several as I am sure you all know. I have found the many characters of honesty, obedience, kindness and so on....I want to teach my kids love first. I want to teach them about the love that God has for them. I believe that if you teach them about the Love of God first, that honesty and obedience and kindness will all come easier and in their own time. 1 Cor. 13:13 says that the greatest of these is Charity (love). If I dont have Love, It is harder for me to have faith, hope or patience.

This all may sound a little crazy to alot of you but this is what has went through my head the last couple of weeks. Just more on how to teach my kids. I had all but given up hope and then the thought came to me that I have to teach them love first. The rest will fall into place. So that is our journey right now. That is what I'm praying for, is guidance in loving my kids in a way that they will learn to love.

I also have stuff going on in my head about my husband. He is such a wonderful man. He has been doing stuff around our house to improve it, He has been doing things to make more money since his job got cut back. We paid off one of our bills the other day. He finished putting my quilting machine together so that I can start quilting. (My way of making extra money). He has been giving me breaks whenever he can. He has been helping me with laundry and cooking since he has been home more. All these things that he doesnt have to do...he is doing. He is so wonderful. We had a guest speaker at Church Sunday so Paul didnt have to preach. He held Jason for most of the service so that I could actually listen to the lesson. He has the talent of being able to listen and hold kids..I dont. He knew this so he held Jason while I got to take in a wonderful lesson. Last night, he grated up my soap for laundry detergent (I usually use an old blender to chop it up but my blender went out a couple of weeks ago and my newer blender I just dont want to use for soap..) but he sat and grated it for me. I am just so filled with love for him.

I am going to be a little busier here in the next few weeks because I have a yard sale to do and I need to start quilting on some quilts that I have already made and see if I can get them sold. I also am going to start doing an online photography course...I havent made up my mind yet which one but I got a new camera the other day and photography is something I have always been interested in and loved doing. I am also going to go ahead and start the girls with school stuff even though I cant order any books right now. I have enough free stuff off of the internet that I can get them started. So between my "school", the girls school, quilting and just everyday life, we are going to be quite crazy around here. Plus, Julie is due to have her baby boy the end of this month and my dad is supposed to have surgery this week. (He may not have it).

Thats what is going around in my head here lately,,,what thoughts are in yours? Do you have days like mine with your kids or do you have yours trained? Are yours older so as you dont have the same problems I do or are they younger? Please let me know. I know it is crazy but sometimes, it feel like I am all alone in this world of unminding and challenging children. I know I am not, but it sure feels that way alot.

Many blessings and prayers your way.

**************Side NOTE!******** I have some very good and thought provoking comments on this post. Please read them also as they have helped me and made me think more on this topic. Thank You Kelli and IN Pursuit of His Call *******************

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rain Rain!

Rain Rain Rain.....that is what it has done here for the last 24 hrs. But hey, I'm not gonna gripe....we need it and it beats 105 temps. I want to live somewhere where there is not summer..is that possible. I think I will move to Alaska or somewhere...lol. I love Fall, Winter and Spring......absolutely cannot stand summer.

I was going to post Husband Encouragement yesterday but I got so busy spending time with hubby doing things to our house. We have a list of repairs and organizing things to do and yesterday, alot of our little stuff got knocked off of the list. I will go into more detail later but for right now, I am off to get ready for Church. I am so excited.....Its SUNDAY!!!!!!! God is so Good!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Catching up!

Finally, I get to catch up on my post. But only because I dont feel like doing anything else right now. I just got back from the dentist (I had two teeth filled) and the numbinb stuff always makes me sleepy and sick to my stomach but I have kids to love and hug on so I am sitting here with them watching a movie and resting. (Hubbys orders!)

Let's see. I left off on Thursday. Well, Friday we were at the archery shoot and were really really busy. My Husband Encouragement (H.E.) for that day was the fact that my dear sweet hubby worked hard all weekend to make some extra money so we could pay off some bills....He takes such good care of us and loves us so much.

Saturday, he told me that I could go shopping for the girls one new outfit apiece and when I got tired, he told me to go back to the motel and get a nap. I did get to go shopping and I got the girls several shirts at the goodwill store (that has to be my favorite goodwill store around...lol). I also got Jason several shirts and some jeans for this winter. Then I got the girls one outfit apiece at Goodys for 60% off. I was so happy.

Sunday, when we got home from the shoot, Paul helped me to unload and start laundry and he went and got a pizza so I didnt have to cook and he fed the dogs and watered them and then came home and we sat down and watched Star Trek.

Monday, he got up at 4:00 a.m. to go to work and get in some extra hours. He also came home and worked on our new project we have going.

Tuesday, he got up at 4:00 again and when he got home, my parents were here to visit so he visited with my dad. He had to go get some stuff for our project so he invited my dad and dads friend to go with him and they had a great time visiting. When he came home, he helped me get the kids in bed.

Wednesday, my dear sweet hubby let me sleep in and he had to go to real estate for a little while but when he got home, he worked some more on our project and he helped me last night with a major catastrophe in the house.

Today, he is doing an extra job to make som extra money. But this morning while Iwas gone to the dentist, he watched the kids and done dishes and laundry! Isnt he sweet! I really think so.

I am still trying to get caught up on everything. It seems like the laundry is never ending and I am also trying to get our school schedule made. I was going to start school at the first of July. As you can probably tell, that did not happen. It seems like one thing right after the other happened to keep us from it. All it was was the devil, I know it and I let him in. I need to focus on God and not let the devil in. I really need to get my schedule made and stick to it. So that is my plan by Monday, to have my schedule, to make sure I am up earlier than the kids, and to stick to my plan.

I hope you all have a blessed Friday and weekend and that your plans are working out.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm Home!

Glad to be home. I am catching up on laundry and STUFF! If you have emailed me I will get back to you in a day or two. I will also try to post my Husband and Kid encouragements tommorow.

We had fun but an archery shoot in August is not all that appealing anymore. It was HOT! TIRING! We did get to see alot of people we havent seen in a while and we did get to eat at our favorite Italian Restaraunt (sp). We only eat there once a year and I had been saving money for it. lol. It was worth it after a hot day outside.

I am off now to go get Jason in the bed (his bed finally he says), take a shower, eat some Wal Mart pizza, and do laundry and watch Star Trek....weve missed that. lol


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Husband Encouragement!

I have been extremely busy the last two days! We are getting ready for an archery shoot and trying to find all the stuff to go and get packed and everything. But here goes making up for yesterday and for todays.

Yesterday! My husband is the greatest. After he went to real estate, he went by Wal Mart and picked up pizzas so I wouldnt have to cook last night...brought them home and put them in the oven and then we sat down and watched Star Trek! Wasnt that so sweet of him.... :)

Today, we have had a really really busy day! First thing though, he woke me up with kisses....then he took the girls and went to get rid of some scrap metal about 45 minutes away and just left me with Jason who was a little cranky but still peaceful enough for mom to get some quiet time...then when he came home, he went to Wal Mart with me so I wouldnt have to go with three kids in this heat and be all grouchy when I came home....we got through about lunch time and he decided to take me out to lunch! While we were there, we picked up some take out for his parents and took it by on our way home. (his mom (granny darlene) recently had a mild heart attack so we are trying to spoil them as much as possible....lol) Then tonight after he got all of his stuff done, he helped me with dishes and laundry so I could get everything done....

He is the greatest guy I know (besides my dads and our oldest son...lol) But isnt he just so sweet.....

I will be really busy the next few days but if the hotel's internet works, I will try to keep posted. This has helped me so much the last couple of days. I will try to post some positive things about my kids also. It seems if I look at everything in a positive light, it all goes better.

I came across a sticker today. It said "The Task ahead of you is never greater than the power behind you" (or something really really close) Talking about God. Nothing is greater than God and as long as we keep him on our side, it will be okay.

Gotta get in bed now we have an early morning .

Blessings and prayers to all
PS THank you for the nice comments! They really keep me going.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Odds and Ends

First of All, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROSE! My Niece. She is 7 today!

Next I want to share some links with you. I have probably shared some of them before but they are very inspiring to me and on days that have just not been going so well, well, they just help.

Kelli at There is No Place Like Home always has such beautiful things to show. Her garden and crafts are always inspiring to me. Makes me wish I had more time and was more creative.

The Art of Making a Home Joyful has very helpful post on working through day to day issues. She is so real and I cant help but relate to alot of things that happen in her days.

I am always enjoying new and exciting blogs that I stumble across, I may not always remember to bookmark them but I do like to read them.

I have been struggling here lately with my attitude. I have not been very Christlike or a very nice mommy at all. I have been snappy and grouchy and just overall really hateful. I have been doing alot of soul searching and have come to some conclusions. 1) I need to take more time to stop and listen to my kids. Actually hear what they are saying. 2) I need to work on my attitude because until I change mine, theirs isnt very likely to change either. 3) I need to be more positive in every aspect of my life. I just happen to go to Church with a very negative person. I tend to let this affect me and I shouldn't. I should be positive anyway. This one person should not make my entire week bad from one week to the next. There are plenty of positive people at Church. I need to gain from them. 4) I need to encourage my husband more. He is so loving and he deserves all the encouragement I can give him.

There have been more stuggles than just these but I am through focusing on them. I am going to focus on the positive. Like the fact that my daughters are being so thoughtful and caring today, and the fact that my little boy is no longer in his play pen (yeah thats positive...he was tearing it up!) He is now trying to potty train and yes it may take a while but he will get there and then woo hoo no more diapers....lol.

I am going to try to post one encouraging thought a day about my sweet dear hubby. (I may miss a day here and there but I will just post two thoughts the next day...) Todays's thought is the fact that he cleaned out my tub last night so I could soak in it because I had a very long day yesterday. And even though I didnt soak because something came up, the fact is it was the thought that counts. And Tonight, I get to soak...Lord Willing!

Please pray for my sister as she is nearing the end of her pregnancy! Your almost there Julie! I am so excited to see my new nephew.

Please pray for me that I may learn patience and be a more happy and cheerful mother to my kids.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today is my Daddy's 60th birthday. I always remember growing up we would tease Daddy about how old he was...cause he was just well you know old..lol. Now that I am older though and Daddy is 60, I look back and cherish those years and pray that I will have many more years to enjoy spending time with my him.

My sister wrote a post about her memories of our Dad. He is a very special man. He was always there for us when we needed a shoulder to cry on. He hated seeing us cry and hated when we got upset. He did discipline us when we needed it. I remember when we would do something that we werent supposed to, he would call us in the living room and ask us what we had done and then he would tell us to turn around and he would whip us with his belt...(not beat, never beat. just one swat with the belt.) then he would pull us in for a hug and tell us how much he hated to do that. He did not like to have to get on to us..it always made hime cry. I think he cried harder than we did.

I remember Daddy getting up so early so he could try to be the first one in the woods to get his truck loaded (he was a chip truck driver .....) because if he was the first one in, he would get more loads in which meant more money so we wouldn't go hungry. Rarely ever in the winter time, did he make it home before dark. But come spring and summer, he was usually home and played basketball with us for a couple of hours.

I remember riding on the tractor with him when I was little while he was brush hogging the pasture. Thinking I was everything because my daddy was the greatest. I remember going to feed cows with him and when I got old enough to take over that chore, he would come out and help me bust the bales of hay for them no matter how much he hurt.

I remember when I was in Junior high and high school, after he had to quit driving the truck, Julie played basketball and had to be at practice by 7 in the mornings. The school bus ran at 7 so daddy stayed home with me while mom took Julie to practice. I remember growing so close to Daddy during those years because he would always ask me before I left for school if I needed anything. And we always gave each other a hug and told each other we loved them.

I remember being able to call Daddy anytime we needed anything at school and he would drop whatever he was doing and bring whatever it was to us.

Me being the tomboy of the bunch, and the last girl, got to do alot of outside stuff with him. We went to team ropings, and rodeos, and hauled hay, and went to horse sales and cow sales. We had a lot of time to talk. But Daddy and I didnt talk much. Mostly, we just sat in silence and enjoyed being with each other. But when I did need to talk, he would talk. When I needed to cry, he would hold me.

I remember him telling me when I was crying over a guy(several times in my life) That they werent worth it. I didnt need to be crying over them because they werent worth it. I was better than that. That made me feel so good for my daddy to tell me that I was better than how they treated me.

I know that most important of all, was the feeling that no matter what we did in life, no matter how bad we messed up, we always knew that we could come back home to daddy (and momma) and they would welcome us with open arms and a loving heart. They never told us we couldnt come home. Kind of like our heavenly father, no matter how far away from him we go, he will always let us come back home to his open arms.

Julie thanked daddy for all the things he did for her in her life. I have alot of the same memories. Teaching us to play basketball, teaching us to play jacks...lol. letting us clean his truck on saturdays, taking us to Church on Sunday's, holding us when we hurt, teaching us to ride our bikes....and picking us up when we fell, killing the snake that decided it wanted to live under our tire swing....helping momma teach us how to grow a garden, teaching me how to ride a horse, letting me have to responsibility of the outside chores...to this day, I still love being outside more than in. Teachin me how to drive a four wheeler, and forgiving me when I put dents in it. Thank you Daddy for walking me down the aisle (finally..lol) and for being there when I had my babies. It meant alot just to know you were there. Thank you for being a friend to my husband, he really looks up to you for alot of things. Thank you for worrying about me when I didnt come home on time :) and for when I had to drive in the snow and ice to get to work. And for taking care of me when I was sick. Thank you for teaching me about God and for teaching me to pray.

I just cant say enough about him. But he knows that we love him, he knows that we appreciate all these things. I pray that I have many more years with him. I want my babies to enjoy their Poppy as much as I enjoyed my Daddy. We LOVE YOU POPPY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I wish i had a scanner, I would post some pictures of our dad and us. Oh well maybe another day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to use the Bible

I came across this the other day while looking through some old papers of my Grandpas. I read one of them last night and it was really helpful.

How to Use the Bible

When In Sorrow
Read John 14

When men fail you
Read Psalm 27
When you have sinned
Read Psalm 51
When you worry
Read Matthew 6:19-34
When you are in danger
Read Psalm 91
If you have the blues
Read Psalm 34
When God seems far away
Read Psalm 139
If you are discouraged
Read Isaiah 40
If you are lonely or fearful
Read Psalm 23
If you feel down and out
Read Romans 8:39
When you want courage for your task
Read Joshua1
When the world seems bigger than God
Read Psalm 90
When you want rest and peace
Read Matthew 11:25-30
When leaving home for labor or travel
Psalm 121:107:23-31
If you get bitter or critical
Read 1st Corinthians 13
If thinking of invesments and returns
Read Mark 10:17-31

I just thought this might help someone today. I love finding treasures in my Grandpas papers. I am going to take a blogging break this week. I have got several things that I need to get done and some stuff on my mind that I need to think about.

A prayer request:
Please pray for my sister Julie because her last couple of months of pregnancy are getting tougher. Please pray that she can find some comfort and that she will have a safe and healthy delivery when her time comes.

Many prayers and Blessings

Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu and other things.

Our menu for this week is mostly just simple food that we can fix out of what we have in our pantry and freezer. I had $100 dollars to buy groceries and household stuff for two weeks and gas to go to Church and back on. But not looking at the negative, We are looking at the POSITIVE things about all this. We are not starving, we were and will be able to go to Church, we were able to be with our friends husband while she was in Surgery Friday, (which by the way, she came through great and her husband was able to get a weeks paid vacation to stay home and help her recover. We are praying for you Kristy. ) and we hae been pretty fortunate in that Paul did get to work an extra day last week so that will help on next weeks pay check.

So on to our menu.

Monday-- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup/cornbread.

Tuesday--Hamburger Gravy w/toast Green beans and carrotts

Wednesday--Sausage, eggs, fried potatoes (This is Pauls night because I am having one side of wisdom teeth pulled wednesday morning.)
Thursday--Grilled Backstrap (yes off of a deer from last year!) loaded baked potatoes, salad.

Saturday-- Leftovers and Grilled Cheese.
Sunday--Chefs Salad

We are also trying to not heat up our house to keep our electric bill down. It is tough but we are getting through it. I have been doing laundry all at night so I dont have to heat up the house with the dryer. (I will be getting a clothes line before summer is over...but in this humidity, it takes forever for clothes to dry.) We have been using the crockpot alot or having salads or something that we can grill or cooks really really quick. We are learning to like reheating foods in the microwave. I will cook something early in the morning or late at night while I am waiting on laundry and we will reheat it for supper. We are also doing all of our baking at night.

It isnt too bad though. It cools down in here about 6:00 to a comfortable level and we are able to start laundry and baking and the dishwasher.

A little explanation....we live in a double wide trailer in the middle of 1 acre that has absolutely no trees...no shade. So being a trailor, it isnt like most houses that have lots of insulation in the roof...It soaks up heat and makes it like a greenhouse in here in the middle of the day. Last year, we did okay, it stayed pretty cool in here....this year, I think our central air conditioning unit is going out because it just cant keep up. At about 2:30 everyday, it gets up to about 80 in here according to the thermostat. That is usually the time that we are all sitting around doing nothing. We may be reading or I may be doing some crochet or hand sewing. Then about 4:30, we get supper going and we eat by 5:30 so that we can do clean up and get laundry going and the kids can go outside to play when it is cool. We are doing good today though, it is 12:30 and it is only 73 in here so it may not hit 80 today. lol...

My plans for today include sewing curtains for my patio door in my dining room, I think if I get some curtains on them, it will help. And also if I get that done, I need to go through my material tote and see what kind of craft I can come up with for Kylie to do. She has been wanting to sew so we are going to start small.

This week is proving kinda busy and I just got a call from hubby. His boss may go on vacation next week so he may get to work all week...What a blessing. The Lord is taking very good care of us!

Many Blessings and Praises in His Name!