I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Best Friend!

As I have went through the last couple of weeks, I have found more and more to be in prayer about. As a family, we are struggling right now to just let God have it all and not worry about it. I have several friends who are having marital problems and I cant stand to see them hurting. I have family members who are going through so many struggles.

I have found myself thinking about how I used to pray and talk to God like he was my best friend. I realized that I dont do that anymore.....or should I say didnt. I have thought about it seriously over the last few months. But never did...until the other night, I found myself in the shower (tmi I know) on my knees praying and talking to God. I was talking to Him like He was my best friend. And He is my best friend. He is....and that feels so good! So now, during this time when it feels like the world is crushing me, I have found myself on my knees alot....enjoying conversations with my Best Friend....

And you know what, all these problems that my friends and family and I have, dont look so bad anymore.......


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bringing my Faith back into Focus!

For my Birthday, I got to go to a Christian bookstore and shop...while my husband sat in a little kids chair with our blessings and colored...so cute I wish I had taken my camera to get a picture but how was I to know that he was going to insist that I go shop and hold my selections hostage so I couldnt put some of them back...(I have this bad habit of second guessing what I am buyin because I feel guilty for buying stuff for myself..so I will put stuff back and get things for others. ) Well he had me bring my stuff to him every few minuts and I couldnt put it back on the shelf.

Anyway, I chose the movie "Faith Like Potatoes" Excellant movie by the way. We have been wanting to watch this movie for a while and were waiting on the money to order it. Oh Man! I needed that movie... Not to ruin the movie, but how often do we have Faith enough to do something when everyone else says it wont work? How often do we really listen to what God wants us to do, and then do it with the FAITH that HE will make it work?

Watch the movie, It makes you think about all the things that you havent done because you were scared it wouldnt work. Or you really didnt believe it could happen.

On another note, I have been having a hard time having enough patience with my kids. I get mad at them for little things, I expect them to be perfect when they already are, they are exactly the way God made them and that is perfect. I have been having problems with my Faith in myself as a mother and wife. I dont ever think that I am good enough. I dont have enough FAITH in myself. When reading through my blog list today, and scanning blogs (which I havent been doing alot of lately) I came across this again. It made me realize that I had quit doing this and maybe if I start doing this again, or at least start praying for my kids more, I might have a better day....and the next be better, and the next. I have FAITH that if I put enough effort into being a better wife and mother, that God will help me along.

There is a book that I picked up at the store. It is called "Mothers of the Bible" by Dena Dyer. I have only read a few pages but it is very interesting and uplifting. Makes me realize that I'm not the only one who has bad days and I am not the only one who needs to drop to my knees several times a day and pray.

I am going to try to get back to blogging more. I really miss it but this time away from it has mad me focus on things that I need to fix in my life.