I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study:
Memory Verse

Reviewing the kids memory verses with them....

Husband Encouragement

He has alot of trips to make this week.....I am going to try to be up when he leaves in the mornings and try not to be yelling (er....raising my voice just a little bit.... :) ) at the kids when he gets home...and I am going to make his favorite chocolate chip cookies this week. 

Train Them Up

* Work on getting back into routines....vacations are so bad on this

* Work on praising them for their good works......The have been such good helpers and I dont tell them enough how good they are....Still working on this....

* Keep on doing our Bible reading in the morning and at night.  (When I sit down to read my bible at night before bed, they get their bibles and sit quietly and read....then just before they go to bed, we read from the bible and answer questions they have. They have started really enjoying this..)

Must Do
* Get garden ready to plant.....should have been done already.  But lacking good weather and time...

* Start seeds for garden..so they will be ready to go in the ground in a month...

* Finish girls aprons (no I still havent gotten this done..)

* Finish Alainas dress (havent gotten this done either)

* Two possibly three play days this week....

Garden.....yes this is a zone....and the rest of my house is pretty much okay. 


Monday- Lunch--Salad
                Supper-- Tostadas
                Supper--Seasoned Baked Chicken Breast and Veggies
Wednesday--Lunch--Sausage Egg Toaster Sandwiches
                     Supper-- Bible Study--Crockpot beef enchiladas
Thursday--Lunch--Cereal (homemade granola) Fruit
                 Supper--Steaks, Salad, Baked potatoes
             Supper--Hamburgers  oven fries veggies
Saturday-- Lunch-- Spaghetti
                 Supper--Out to eat with Paul
Sunday--Lunch--Leftover Spaghetti Salad
              Supper--Cereal (homemade granola)  We like to keep it simple on Sundays...

Like I said, Paul will be gone several days this week and the kids are really getting in to cooking...so alot of it is stuff they can either make on their own (with supervision of course) or that they can really help alot with. 

Fun Things

* Playdays (as mentioned above)
* Getting to help get the garden ready
* And redoing our flower beds
* And outside alot!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Jason!!!!

Jason at 6wks old.

(1 Year)
(2 Years)
(3 Years)

Blogger has me agrivated right now because it took me three hours (at different times of course) to get these loaded. 

But My baby is 3.  Where did the time go?  Love You Lots my Jason bear and cant wait to see the wonderful young man you become. 

Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Meanderings.....

Again, I havent done this in a while, and I dont know if Sarah is doing it this week, but I felt the need to do it and see if it will keep me on track. 

Bible Study

Reading Proverbs

Memory Verse
Prov. 31:26 "She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her toungue is the law of kindness."
Yes, I am doing this one again.....I need a review. 

Husband Encouragement
Make his favorite cookies.  Keep the laundry done up (he loves it when all the laundry is done....or at least his is put in the closet. )

Train Them Up
* Work on obedience and respect we have slacked in this area. 
* Work on praising them for their good works......The have been such good helpers and I dont tell them enough how good they are.

Must Do

* Take Jason to his check up on his ears.
* Finish preparations for our vacation (more on that later)
* Finish girls aprons
* Finish Alainas dress
* Make a skirt for me


My Bedroom (ughh it is a complete disaster of books and clothes and stuff)


Monday- Sirloin tips and gravy (mashed potatoes and rolls)

Tuesday- Calizone
Wednesday- Bible Study (Chicken noodle Soup)

Thursday - Nachos
Friday- Pancakes
Saturday- Hamburgers

Fun Things

* Getting to play outside in all this pretty weather!

* Getting ready for our vacation

* Going for coffee with a friend

Again, I am not sure if Sarah is doing this this week.  She is busy enjoying her new blessing :)  But I needed to do it to keep me going.