I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Friday, March 30, 2007

Figured it out......haha

I have figured out how to fix my blog so that anyone can leave a comment. I think. I invite someone to try it so i will know if it works. anyone..... I have been busy today. I still dont have pauls office arranged or organized. but i have to wait on him to move stuff. I also dont have my budget or grocery list done( paul gets paid today and i usually am 2 to 3 weeks ahead on this but got behind when the baby was born. I have the girls down for naps and hopefully i will get to sew when they get up. I promised kylie i would try to sew her a dress today if Jason will cooperate. He has been extremely fussy the last couple of days. I cant figure it out. He slept better last night, he finished a bottle about 11 and did not wake up till 4:45. What a relief. But then he woke back up about 5:30 and wanted another couple of ounces and then was through until 7:30 when he ate a couple more and then slept until his sister woke him up at 9:00.

anyway, I still have lots of stuff i want to post about but computer time (one handed usually ) is not very often now days. I think i will get a notebook and start writing things down and then when i get more time i can post them. One of the things is I am trying a new budgeting experiment so that i can save more of my grocery money to buy things like a bread machine, a big stand up mixer, a new dishwasher (paul complains that you literally have to wash the dishes before the dishwasher washes them. and it is not very energy efficient.) So I will have to post about that and see how it works.

But anyway someone please try to leave a comment. I hope it works so i can hear from yall.

Love And Prayers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Back (kinda)

Hello everyone,

I am back when I have time. I have been busy though. I now have my house clean except for Pauls office. We still have to reaarange it and organize it. That will take a couple of days. I have not spring cleaned yet but am working on little things that will get me to that point. I was all geared up and ready to start and we have not had time with all the laundry we have been doing.

Monday was not a good day either. Started out we got up late (which isn't unusual right now.) About 10:30, I had my kitchen clean and all the laundry washed and dried and was getting the final load out of the dryer which is right by our furnace/fan. I smelled gas fumes....(yikes) so I turned the airconditioner off (our airconditioner fan is in the same unit as the furnace. and the fumes were coming through the vents into the house) Opened windows, started getting the girls ready to go outside(thank God it was pretty and not raining) and called Paul. He headed home and called his dad to come over and turn the gas off( i could not turn the valve and had no wrenches) dad came over, turned the gas off made sure we were okay and left to go back home, paul got home found out we had a leak in one of the connections. He tightened it and turned the gas off to the furnace. (we dont need it anyway) and was going to go back to work when his dad pulled up with a brand new push lawnmower for me :) !!!!! (Thanks DAD) He noticed that our yard needed mowed and when we were going to turn the gas off we found a baby snake in the yard. His grandbabies do not need to step on snakes because they cant see them, and I had said something about working off pregnancy weight by mowing the yard. and our mower isn't running.

so we put it together and paul left to go back to work. not the end of our bad day. I was going to give the girls an icecream bar for their snack and went to get them out of the freezer and they were melted. Now we are talking about our upright deep freeze. I turned the temperature down so it would get colder if it was just that the door had been left ajar and i didn't notice. but about an hour later, they were even softer and you could tell it wasn't as cold as it was earlier. I pulled the stuff out of it and put what i could in our little freezer (the one with the fridge.) and the rest in an ice chest. turns out that after supper was over with and everything, we were headed out to get some groceries and checked the freezer and the compressor had completly quit. so we took the ice chest full of meat to pauls mom and dads and put in their already full freezer.

anyway, Things to thank God for. Thankfully I smelled the gas and we got out and got it fixed before it was too late. Thank God our meat did not ruin. And Thank God (and Dad ) for our new lawn mower. Thank God also that the girls have not gotten snake bit yet. although either one of them could I think Alaina would be the one if Kylie did not accidentally step on it. Kylie is scared to death of them but Alaina is curious, she would have to find out why it was there.

We are not completely back on our supposed schedule. We get up about an hour later every morning but we still get stuff accomplished. Kylie is back to schooling. We only made it through week 1 of our curriculum before Jason got here. I just could not muster the energy to make her do it when she did not want to . But now we have to. So we are working our way back up to it. I will post more on that later.
I am also working on figuring out how to link my schedules to my blog. I will see what I can figure out. I would like to post some pictures of the kids too.

I redid my master/daily schedule and my routines for the days . The previous ones werent working with a new baby and the new one is more flexible and allows more fun time with the kids but still gets my house clean. We also found that we cant do laundry on mondays and not the rest of the week right now. so we are doing at least 2 loads a day.
I guess that is all for now. Think it is enough? lol.

Love and Prayers

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Colds, Mixed up Nights.

All three kids have a cold. Not Fun. I figured they would after we went to Broken Bow, My little niece had a runny nose. But how do you tell a five year old that she cant touch the new baby or play with her cousins? I know i could have but she is one that you dont want to hurt her feelings. Jason also has his days and nights mixed up kinda he eats every two hours day and night and i don't know what to do about it. I kept him up all day yesterday and he still woke up every two to three hours last night.

I have made a decision though. I don't know how many people read this blog as i don't ever get any comments or emails. But I am not going to blog again until I get my house back in complete order, get the kids all back on a schedule and catch up on stuf i have to do for paul. I have alot of things that I want to blog about but maybe after I get all of this straightened out I can have time to sort it out and post it. I will be back hopefully soon.

Love and Prayers.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Happenings

We had a fun weekend. I guess you would say. We went to Broken Bow to see my family. We left late Friday night and got back late last night. They had a baby shower for us while we were down there. That was nice. We got some things that we sure could use. The baby shower was a surprise though. We got to pick up the rest of our stuff that we still had down there. We only have a few things left now. We brought back our freezer which will come in handy for storing bulk frozen items. I didnot realize how much i missed that freezer until the last couple of months. Not really a whole lot else going on just trying to catch up on house cleaning today. We are going to get back into somewhat of a routine. Kylie wants to do her school work today and I need to scrub my kitchen although it is not wednesday, We are having Alaina's birthday get together tommorow night and I need to have my house somewhat clean. It is rough getting back into a schedule once you have gotten out of it. I also am trying some new discipline techniques with the girls but I will talk more about that later. Right now I need to go start supper in the crock pot and fix some breakfast since we got up late this morning.

Love and Prayers.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Who am I?

My husband has a lesson called "Who am I?" It talks about how God made us and knew who we were and what we were to be even before we were born . I just wanted to pose this question to all of you.

My answer to this is not complete because I have yet to discover all of my abilities. But as of right now, I am #1 a CHRISTIAN, I am a child of God and My first Job is to serve him. # 2 I am a Wife, My second Job is to serve my husband in a Godly manner. #3 I am a mother, My third job is to raise my children up in a Godly manner and to teach them Gods word. #4 I am a Sister in Christ and my job as this is to be there for my brothers and sisters. This has been an issue lately with one sister in particular. I need to be there for her but I don't know how to help her.

Like I said, My list is not complete, I have yet to discover everything. I am living and learning everyday.

I just wanted to put this question to you. Let me know what you think, Email or leave a comment.

I have also gotten interested in reading a Book that my husband has. it is "The Zondervan Parallel New Testament In Greek and English" It is basically the new testament in the King James Version, The New International Version and then translated from Greek. It is interesting to see how close or different the different versions are from the Greek. I love reading old languages like that. Paul thought I was nuts when I said I wanted to read it. But I loved Humanities in College and Old World Literature. So I am reading this book. It will take a while as I read the Greek and follow along with the other versions but I will get there. And hey, I am reading the Bible as I go.

Anyway, I have to go feed Baby.
Love and Prayers

Doing Okay

We are doing okay. The girls are getting back on schedule and Jason is adapting wonderfully. We are having some problems breastfeeding. My milk supply is diminishing already and he is taking at lest 2 oz of formula if not 3 after he nurses. I think we will probably be on formula completely before to long.

I probably will not get to plant my garden this year. We don't have the money to buy the tools or the seed for it. I was hoping but it seems like we get a new bill every month and all our extra money is going to pay them. I gues that is what happens in life.

I am going to ask for prayers once again. I as most of you probably know do not ask for help or for prayer often so this is new and helpless feeling for me. I don't like feeling helpless. Anyway, I am having some very bad feelings toward certain people and things that they have done. I know that I should forgive and forget and get on with life but that is kinda hard to do when you have to live with the consequences of the decisions every day. I wish i could get more specific but i don't want to mention names or situations because of hurting feelings. That is not my intention. I just need prayers for help on dealing with this and the consequences. Maybe in a couple of months when I am not so emotional I might explain better.

Anyway I have a long to do list today and am not getting anywhere yet. But that baby is fussy again this morning. So I don't know what I will end up getting done.

Love and Prayers.

Monday, March 12, 2007

All by our selves.......uh oh

Yes we are by ourselves this week..... Mom had to go back home and take care of stuff down there. Paul's mom is just a phone call away though so we are not completely alone. I guess we are doing okay. I am not near as emotional. The kids are having a tough time though because granny isn't here and Kylie constantly thinks I am mad at her. She has taken to running off and crying when you say something to her to get on to her for something. Alaina is okay just pushing her limits as usual but because paul and i are so tired, she is really getting on our nerves. I have tried to take it easy and play with them today. I guess God is smiling on us because the weather is now supposed to be pretty this week except for some showers in the morning but we need the rain.

While we were outside yesterday (paul has been cleaning up our back yard and getting it ready for a garden, fruit trees and a calf.) Kylie and I discovered that we have more flowers than we thought in our flower bed. So we are anxious for it to rain and see what we have. We went out yesterday and got the weeds out best we could. It doesn't look like anyone has taken care of them in years. When you pulled the grass up the roots were inbedded in the bulbs roots so we had to replant a few and hope they do good. I am looking forward to seeing what they are though.

about the calf. we decided to buy a calf and fatten it up for meat. I cannot pay 2.50/lb for meat that is just plain crazy and then you don't know where it came from or what it was fed. I just feel better raising our own. and paul is all for it so why not. Between it and deer meat (if we have anybetter luck this year.) (paul did not get to go hunting much last year so we did not have much as he is the better hunter) we ought to not starve over winter. lol

For those of you wondering about the baby. He is much better. His billyribbon friday morning was 12.7 so the doc said he could come out from under the lights and they are supposed to come get the bed sometime. I am so relieved. I couldn't stand to see hime in that thing. It was so sad. He had to lay there with those goggles over his eyes and he did not like them. It got his schedule messed up so now i am trying to get him straightened out. It is not easy. How do you feed a baby that doesn't want to wake up? It is very tough. But we are working on it.

We also found out that our airconditioner is not completely fried. it is just a switch or something and not a compresser thank God because we could not afford a compressor right now. WE are trying to get the money together to go to Broken Bow and see everyone but Paul had a short check this week and the next one will be short also because he has to take off to take me to the doctor so we will just have to wait. We will see.

Gotta go feed the sleepy monster.
Love and Prayers.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Baby's better

Jason's billyribbon yesterday morning was 13.7 which is really good considering normal is 12. We are waiting on the doctor to say this morning that he can come out of his light therapy. It is frustrating waiting on somebody else. They came and took his blood yester day morning and we didn't find out the results until 4:00 by then the doctor was gone for the day so we have to wait until this morning to find out anything. In the meantime we still have to keep him in that thing while he is asleep to make sure it stays down. I can't stand to see my baby in something like that and feel so helpless except knowing that that is helping him. But to not be able to hold him is torture. I hope and pray that anyone who goes through this has a support team. You need it. Anyway, my plans for taking the kids outside next week is kinda down the drain. It is supposed to rain most of the week. So I guess I will be figuring out inside activities to keep them busy. I don't know what I will come up with. Coloring doesnt work for long, neither does toys, or reading books or movies. and i don't really want them in front of the tv for very long. I guess I will figure something out though. any ideas on easy entertainment without big messes? I need all the help i can get. I am going to see if i can make it by myself if not i will probably be calling mom and seeing if she can come back. lol she probably wants to run from this crazy house. anyway i better go check on my boy, he doesn't like the things he has to wear over his eyes and he has figured out how to get them off. lol

Love and Prayers

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sick Baby

Interesting day yesterday. Night before last Kylie tripped over a laundry basket and hurt her toe. We thought okay we will see what happens because she went to sleep and only complained once. Got up yesterday morning, foot was swollen and she couldnt put weight on it so we called the doc and mom took us up there and sure enough she broke her big toe but not bad and they said just give her motrin and tylenol. Well when the nurse come in to look at her and her chart, she looked at Jason sitting in his seat and wanted to do a billyribbon test on him.. He was very orange. Sure enough he has Jaundice. So the home health has brought a billy light bed out and he has to stay in it except to eat and be changed. not fun because he has to wear these things on his eyes. Imagine a baby tanning bed and the goggles you have to wear in a tanning bed in minature foam fashion. THey velcro around his head and he like to pull them off when he is awake so I have to try and keep them on. lol very funny........especially at night. But they came out this morning and done a blood draw and we are waiting on the results. If it went down enough, then maybe he can move to a different device. The normal level on this is 12, his was 18 yesterday and if it hits 20, they have to be hospitalized. But the nurse at the doctors office said that they like to see em at 15 so maybe if he dropped to there we can get him out of that thing. PRAY VERY HARD:)

On top of that everything else is okay i guess. Keep praying for my dad and his friend and for my uncle, we havent heard anything today but maybe he is okay. Guess that is all for now, I may post later if I have time about his results.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baby's Here. Emotions

Hey, everyone. Jason is here. March 1, 2007 9lbs 3oz. 21 in long. It was rough. My blood pressure kept dropping and he did not like the pitocin so it was a long and tireing day. I really was hoping for better but oh well. I am glad I made the decision to not have anymore. It seems like Alaina's labor was rough and now this one was worse. I think that is plenty. I am struggling though with the decision to make it permanent. That one is rough but now they say you can have it reversed although I doubt i ever will. three is plenty and God had his hands in it to so I will deal with it.

Physically Iam feeling better. But emotionally I need the prayers of everyone. I am really going through it rough right now. I don't remember it being this bad with Kylie or Alaina. Mom is coming back today to stay the week and after that who knows maybe if I need her she can come back for a couple of days or something. I hope I am better by then. Pauls mom is great. She took the kids last night because I would be here by myself this morning with them and i am not supposed to lift on them or anything and I just didn't need the stress. She came over yesterday and helped for a few hours. My niece got to skip school and stay and help for a day.

Along with a new baby we have alot of other stuff going on right now too. My dads best friend since childhood is dying of cancer and it is really rough on us to see my dad losing his friend. my uncle who has polio is not doing good and they want to put him in a rehab clininc to evaluate him and see what is wrong. He has lived a long life but none of us want to lose him. This is my dads oldest brother and along with the friend this is rough.

We are also trying to figure out how to climb out of debt. Yes I know we have a truck with a high payment but letting that go back is not an option right now. We have really excellent credit and do not want to ruin this. Paul is really discouraged with his job and we really do not want him to take on extra work right now. he works enough as it is but we cannot seem to get ahead no matter what I do to cut corners in our budget. It seems as though we cannot win. We are constantly praying for God to show us or to help us and I am constantly trying to help my husband. We have realized mistakes that we have made in our lives especially the past 2 years and now we are trying to recover. There is no sense in trying to fix them or regreting them just recover and go on but recovery seems impossible. It is rough on me right now because of a new baby and all this. And on top of everything even if my uncle happened to pass right now I could not afford to go down there to see the family. I would have to stay here. I really hate that.

Just keep praying for us and any advice or thoughts would be welcome. You can email me too and keep me uplifted I really need it right now.

Love and prayers.