I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I know I am not supposed to be on here but....I wanted to let you all know how we are doing and to tell you all Happy Thanksgiving!

We are doing okay. Jack is now living with us and we are getting him all settled in. He has chosen to homeschool and of course we have had several negative comments about this so please pray about that because when they are given, it really discourages him. He doesnt need that right now. He needs positive reinforcement that he is making the right choices with his life.

Kylie and Alaina both had their flu mist last week. They also both have double ear infections. Alaina's started the week before and hers wasnt getting any better so the doc switched antibiotics and hopefully, they will get better this time. Kylie was running fever so I had the doctor check her and sure enough both just as red as could be.

Alainas lymph nodes are still swollen again. They are seriously considering taking out her tonsils. Which wouldnt be a bad thing but not at this young age.

Jason is doing good. His ears are almost cleared up and he now has a tooth! He is also trying to walk. He will pull up to stuff and let go and then try to take a step. Wont be long now...

I do need to go and get my dinner prep started. We are not having a big day just my mother in law and father in law and my sister and her husband if they make it. Nice and quiet. We had thought about going out but didnt really have the money and I just didnt feel like wrestling three kids in a public place today. It seems like when we go out it is always during nap time and they are always cranky and dont want to eat. Then they are hungry on the way home and on and on.....but anyway, we are staying home and eating a good deer roast for lunch...cant get that in a restraunt (grins).

Can you believe only 33 days till Christmas. It'll be here before you know it.

Love and Prayers and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Goodbye for now.

I am very sad to say that I will not be blogging for a while. I have had some events in my life that I feel needs more attention than this. I am sure that most of you who read this know that I have a step-son.

In my heart, he is my son. He is not only my son, he is part of my life. I love him like crazy and I am very sad to say right now that he is not in the best spriritual shape. He has had some events in his life that has caused this unbeknowenst to my husband and I. He is now possibly coming to live with us and most of my extra time will now be spent with him.

Iam sure that most of you can understand the importance of this. I will however be back some day. (maybe) I also need to rethink my reason for blogging and re direct my life. I will probably still be visiting other blogs and commenting some, but not near as often. I will let you all know if and when I come back.

Please pray for my family and for myself in this time. Thank you all for your support and your comments. I have made some very dear friends on here and would like to keep up the friendships. Just not on my blog.

Love and Prayers

Monday, November 12, 2007

Please Pray

I know I am on a break but some recent family events have led me to ask for prayers. I cant go into details but suffice it to say that it and the person is very close to my heart.

Maybe in a few days I can tell more of the story but for now, just pray for patience, strength and peace to help us along the way.

Love and Prayers

Blogging Break

I am home from our trip. It was interesting. and fun. We went to the gospel meeting and to the fall festival taht they have at the state park there. We always enjoy ourselves there. It was tiring this year though so we are recuperating. We brought our girls home and today, we are resting. I will be unpacking, putting up, laundry, adn grocery shopping this week. Then next week, we will be preparing for Thanksgiving. I still dont know if we are going to go out or stay home. The decision is never made until like the week or (day ) before. It gets irritating sometimes to not have our minds made up until then. I would much rather just stay home but since we always have thanksgiving with Pauls family, they get to decide.

I like tradition. I personally think that we should either decide to go out or stay home every year and if we are going to go out then go out every year. or if we are going to stay home then stay home. But I dont know.....I will do whatever they want because its called being nice.

I am glad to have my babies home. I didnt get all that I wanted accomplished last week but that is okay. I will get it done, in good (Gods ) time.

I am also going to take a break this week from blogging. I am going to spend time with my (monsters) and enjoy having them back.. We have lots of stuff planned.

I didnt get any pictures this weekend. I was having too much fun to worry about carrying aroung the camera.

So I will be back sometime next week Until then. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and I will be praying for you.

Love and Prayers

Friday, November 09, 2007

This and That

Okay Okay so I know I didnt get everything done yesterday that I was supposed to. It ws a bad day with Jason.

I did however get my oven cleaned (my darling husband spilled some pizza in there...ewwww), My kitchen is almost deep cleaned. I got my bedroom and bathroom cleaned, finished organizing homeschool stuff and did some laundry.

I was going to sew my curtains for my living room but for some strange reason (called Alaina) I cant find my material. It was right by the serger so I could sew them anytime I had time to sit down that long. But things like to disapear when she is around so. Now I am on the great hunt for my material.

I also did not get bread or cookies made (I couldnt cook with my oven smelling like that..) I did get to read a whole book while holding my precious baby during his nap. I did my bible reading and then read a novel. So I guess you could say I had some me time.

Today I have to go to Wal Mart (this morning) then I am going to finish the laundry and finish packing for our weekend trip. (Hopefully, Jason please feel better so I can at least get done what I have to)

Please keep praying for Jason and pray that we have a safe trip this weekend. Jack (our other son.......he is my stepson but in my heart, he is mine) and our niece will be going with us. Jack is needing some daddy time (and driving experience ) and our niece i think just wants to go with us and get away for a couple of days. she is 12 and going through the "Oh my gosh I am growing up " crisis. You know what it is like when you hit that age. You like boys but you would swear you didnt and you get upset if they dont like you but you tell everyone that you hate them.....Yeah. Fun age. Pray for her too please. (I Love You Miranda. I understand completely what you are going through)

Anyway, I will be back Monday. I will try to post some pictures of this weekend when I get film developed...(Yeah my digital is still broke....I hate to spend the gas money to drive to where the camera shop is to fix it. ) But I am probably going to go up there next week anyway so I will try to get it fixed.

Love and Prayers

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Day

I guess you could say my day went okay. I have a migraine (its getting better slowly) and yes I know that a lot of people cant stand computers or lights or sound or anything like that when they have a migraine. I toloerate it. I do like the quiet and the dark alot but when you have kids, you just can't do that. So I have learned to tolerate the noise and the lights until Paul gets home to help. The girls are usually really good and helpful. Jason however being as he doesnt feel good today has been screaming all day...unless I am holding him. And computer lights, are sometimes actually soothing as long as I dont look for too long.

I did manage to get my living room rearranged today. I was getting so tired of the way it was and was looking for a more organized way to arrange it. I think I accomplised it. We will see in a few days if it works or not. I need to sew my curtains tommorow. If I can find the material. I think my daughters put it up somewhere for me. :)

I also got my homeschooling stuff gone through and got rid of a bunch of clutter in that area. Right now, I have a bunch of papers and catalogs and stuff scattered across my floor awaiting the trash can.

I also go the girls room halfway cleaned and by that I mean that I got all their clothes hung up. Yeah it gets messy. Kylie likes to change about 5 or 6 times a day and she never puts stuff up. Then with Alaina learning from her, there is way too many clothes to play in. :)

Tommorow, I will finish going through my homeschool stuff and organizing it. Sew my curtains for my living room. Finish the laundry. Go to town and buy some mini blinds for my living room and the girls room. ( I needed to do this last year.) I might try to make some bread tommorow and some cookies. But it depends on how Jason is. Today, I did all of that with him either on my hip or hanging on to my leg. And he just now went to sleep.

Please pray that he gets better and that we have a good day tommorow. I dont like it when my kids are sick. I cant stand to do anything but hold them. Which is why I had him on my hip most of the day.

I talked to Mom last night and she said that the girls are having fun. They are getting to ride horses and play with their cousins. They do have some stuffy noses but that is to be expected with my kids when they change environments. It always happens. Allergies are not fun..... Lord can I please move to Colorado in a few years so my kids wont be sick all the time.... ( I hope and pray that they are like their daddy and if we ever do get to move out there that they are almost allergy free. He lived out there for almost two years and he felt great out there.)

Anyway I guess this is all for today. Not much going on around here like I planned. With Jason being sick I am not getting as much done as I had hoped but I would rather hold him when he feels bad.

Love and Prayers

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I know it has been a few days since I posted and I was going to post yesterday but it was one of those days.

We went on our trip to where my family lives. Had a nice visit and the girls got to stay there.....Yes my babies are four hours away from me with my mom. It is nice. I needed a break and so did they. I will enjoy them when they get back but for now, I am liking it.

We did go on our hunt but neither one of us got anything. It was just a bad weekend. Too warm for much to happen.

Jason's allergies flared up and now he has really bad ear infections in both ears. So he is taking antibiotics again and steroids and is not in a good mood at all. So even though I dont have my girls, I am still not getting a lot done because I am holding him alot... If he is not better in two weeks, he goes back to his ear specialist.

Paul closed on his first Real Estate Sale yesterday. For those of you who dont know what that means, It means that the papers and everything are signed sealed and delivered. The new owners now have the right to move in. Pretty Cool huh...

I have had lots of stuff planned for this week but we will see how it goes. Today, I have to run some errands, and tommorow, I am going with Paul and his friend to look over their new land. (Potential hunting land) Thursday, I will probably be cleaning house and getting some organizing done and then Friday, I will finish up packing for our weekend trip the the Gospel Meeting that my (old) Home Church is having.

Speaking of Churches, Our little building that we have been building for our Church is coming along nicely. We have the plenum in for the heat and air, and as soon as we get the money for it, we are going to run ductwork and insulate and sheetrock....What fun. Us women of course cant wait until the paint is done and the carpet and other flooring in so we can decorate....lol.

I am hoping to post a list later this week of what I have gotten done and What I need to do. We will see how today goes. Hopefully with his antibiotics, Jason will be feeling better soon. If not, I will continue to enjoy holding my wonderful blessing.

I also seen baby Micah this weekend. He is doing good. He's so adorable.

I need to go get laundry swapped out....It is unreal how much less Ihave to do without the girls here. They love to go through a lot of clothes. But what else are girls supposed to do...

Love and Prayers

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My Christmas Countdown.

I got the idea from my sisters blog...I had to do the teddy bear because that looks just like my Jason bear when he is sleeping....all snuggled up and rubbing his eye.. So cute..

Anyway, I read my sisters blog and was shocked to know that there are only 54 days until Christmas....ohhhhhhh I have got to get busy.. See this year, I am not buying very many things. I am mostly making my presents. And no i cant elaborate right now because most of my family reads this blog.

Anyway, I have to go pack for our weekend. I will post Monday when we get back and let everyon know how we are doing.

Love and Prayers