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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kinda Bummed.....

Kindof a dotted post....

* I have been sick for the last two weeks....Bronchitis.  It hurts, it makes me feel yucky and I am tired of coughing.  And even though I am not contagious, I hate the looks I get in the stores or public places when I cough...

* Paul has been fighting a bronichal infection for a month now...he is even more tired of being sick than I am...I am tired of him being sick.  Not that I mind taking care of him, I just dont like seeing my baby sick. 

* I am tired of trying to type in blogger and it not working.  ughhhh

* Our Homeschool Groups Moms Night Out has kinda slacked off.  Just not a whole lot of moms coming and the ones of us that are are kinda discouraged instead of encouraged.  I need some ideas on things for us to do.  We are not a rich homeschool group, most of our husbands are either out of work or low on work and most are self employed so things that require money are not an option. 

* This Heat is so opressing.....So tiring!!!!! 
Thats it, just things that are kinda low today.  

Now to make my day better and my week Great!!!!  
I pray everyone has a great week!!!

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