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Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study... Going to try and study I Peter.  I Don't know why, I just want to study it.

Memory Verse --  Philippians 2:14  This is the girl's memory verse for this week so I am doing theirs with them. 

Husband Encouragement... 
* Make his favorite cookies! Chocolate Chip.
* Joyful attitude, patience with children.--This one is Sarah's but I have not been  a very joyful or patient       Mom the last few days. Thanks Sarah!!!
* Keep hanging up his clothes!  He really likes it when I get the laundry put away!

Train Them Up... 
* Keep doing memory verses...
* Work on first time obedience.  WE have gotten way off track in this. 
Personal Goals... 
* Paint my toenails...I have went most of the summer with only one or two pedicures (done at home :) )  But my nails are needing some new color!
* Exercise at least twice this week...more if I can work it in.
* Start getting dressed every morning instead of wearing my slouchy clothes all day. :)

New Habit of the Month...  Make sure the laundry is put up before I go to bed at night.  Been keeping my dishes pretty well done up but now I need to work on that laundry pile..

MUST Do...
* Must clean my messy house....I really need to de-clutter and reorganize.

* Help Paul finish redoing the living room this week. 
Menu - 

M - B- Oatmeal and Strawberries

       L- Leftover Chicken Tacos from Sunday
       S-  Lasagna, Garlic Bread

T-   B- Blueberry muffins, yoghurt
       L- Smoked Sausage and Fried Potatoes
        S-Chicken Noodle Soup

W-  B-Baked French Toast, Smoothies
        L- Leftover Chicken Noodle Soup
        S- Bible Study---Spaghetti & Meatballs/Cheesey Garlic Biscuits...

Th-  B-Smoothies/Granola
         L-Meatball Subs
         S- Pinto Beans, Fried Potatoes, Meatloaf

F-    B- Muffins, Smoothies
        L- Meatloaf Sandwiches
        S-Biscuits & Gravy

S-  B- Omlettes
      L- At a Fair
      S- At a Fair

*RAIN!!!!!!!  Supposed to get 3 days of it this week...
* Going to the Fair this weekend.

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1.  The new Pretzel M&M's  :)
2.  Audio Books....for the children...not me. :)
3. Nap Time!!!

Can you tell its been Monday?   But its got to get better!!! 

For more Monday Meadering' s join us at Sarah' s! 

Have a Blessed Week!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love you & miss you...thinking about ya'll. Give my babies hugs & kisses for me and you and brother, too. You take care of each other. I miss ya'll so very much.♥ I don't blame you for not blogging much anymore. I only blog because sometimes it gets quiet in the house and I blog so I don't have to think...lol Crazy, I know. Keeps me occupied, though. Much better than facebook! :)

Love you!!