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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My lack of blogging......

My lack of blogging the last few months can mostly be attributed to busy busy busy mom and wife life....Its crazy, just when I think life is going to slow down, it speeds up and we have more to do.  

This summer, our garden came in fast and furious.  We had almost nothing one day and the next day was over run with vegetables to put up.  But I have freezer full of food and two jars of icebox pickles in the fridge.   We have been busy in our home business the last few weeks.  And of course playing with the new grandbaby....

And then there is school and regular house work.  Plus, we are working on some remodeling projects (nothing pretty....or decorating wise...just stuff that has to be torn out and replaced. )    Like today, I am completely emptying my living room so that we can rip the carpet up in it and replace some sheet rock on a wall.   What I am going to do with everything I take out of it, I don't know but its got to get out of there. 

So while I have not been blogging on a regular schedule, I am trying to get back on one and to post more interesting and helpful stuff.  I always get lots of ideas for post and then never have the time to carry them out.  

Praying all has a blessed week.  

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